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Soldier F otherwise known as David James Cleary, was a previous soldier. The SDLP pioneer Colum Eastwood utilized his parliamentary advantage to recognize him over his activities on Bloody Sunday.

Soldier F otherwise known as David James Cleary was a previous soldier who was associated with Bloody Sunday in 1972. David was accused of killing James Wray and William McKinney and blamed for endeavoring murders of Patrick O’Donnell, Joe Mahon, Michael Quinn, and Joseph Friel.

James Cleary had been conceded namelessness by the adjudicator hearing the case. Soldier F family subtleties have not been communicated openly. The majority of his own data has not been shared through any web-based media or sites. Aside from his genuine name and his charge of killing two individuals, we don’t have any intel on his life.

The MP of Foyle, Eastwood told that for a very long time Soldier F has been conceded namelessness and not the British Government needs to give him an Amnesty. There was sufficient proof to mistreat one paratrooper named Soldier F for the killings of James Wray and William McKinney.

It was reported on the second of July, 2021 that Soldier F would not confront any preliminary after a choice by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS), according to BBC. On 30th January 1972, individuals from the Army’s parachute Regiment started shooting at Civil Rights demonstrators.

Thirteen individuals were killed and fifteen individuals were accounted for injured. That day is known as the Bloody Sunday, one of the most obscure days of the Northern Ireland inconveniences.

In 1998, Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that another request would be kept and announced down in 2010. It turned into the longest-running request in British legitimate history which cost £200m.