Song Joong-Ki Wife: The Truth Behind the Rumors!

Tune Joong-ki, 37, declared on Monday that he and English entertainer Katy Louise Saunders, 38, have tied the wedding and are expecting their most memorable kid together.

The couple opened up to the world about their sentiment a month prior. High Zium Studio, the entertainer’s administration organization, has stayed quiet “keeping in mind the couple’s security.”

Fans have guessed about the pair’s status because of the shortfall of data on Saunders since her past film turned out in 2018. Concerning the wedding tales, High Zium Studio shared with the JoongAng Everyday, “a service that is being arranged, yet no date has been laid out.” In any case, they have not yet held a wedding function to praise their association.

As per IMDB, Saunders was born in London to an English dad and a Colombian mother. She was born and brought up in Italy, and she accepted her BA in business organization from Bocconi College in Milan. Her most memorable film as an entertainer was 2002’s “Un Viaggio Chiamoto Love,” or “An Excursion Called Love,” a lighthearted comedy shot in Italy.

Her personality was the female lead’s more youthful self. She has since featured in more than 20 movies, including “The Lizzie McGuire Film” (2003), “Los Borgia” (2006), and “Third Individual” (2013), and made visitor appearances on “The Lizzie McGuire Film” and “Regulation and Request: SVU” in 2003 and 2004 separately.

The anticipation film “Welcome Home” was her last job (2018). Suppositions about Saunders’ post-acting profession incorporate her turning into a language educator and meeting her future spouse while filling in as Tune’s Italian mentor on the television series Vincenzo (2021).

An assertion delivered by High Zium Studio toward the end of last year guaranteed the two craftsmen met through “a shared companion,” however no substantial proof of this exists.

Saunders’ mother is additionally in Korea at the present time, as confirmed by photos from the neighborhood news application Dispatch.

On Monday, they were seen in Itaewon, an area in the Yongsan Region of focal Seoul, seeing child garments. Industry insiders have told numerous nearby news destinations that Tune purchased the couple and Saunders’ meeting mother a home in Itaewon in 2016. Gauges place the home’s ongoing market esteem at around 20 billion won, or $16.27 million.

Whether Saunders is a divorced person or a mother of any kids is obscure. A few devoted fans have found many pictures of Saunders with a young lady with light hair, and others that imply to propose Saunders has a child midsection, and have posted them on the web. Be that as it may, there are zero references or earlier papers to back up these cases.

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