Sonia Guzman GoFundMe raises more than $13,000 as police identify victims in Texas mass shooting


On April 2, a savored man southeast Texas, recognized as 39-year-old Francisco Oropeza, shot and killed five neighbors after one of them requested that he quit shooting the weapon, as it would wake the child resting inside their home.

The people in question, who all hail from Honduras, have been recognized as 25-year-old Sonia Guzman, her 8-year-old child Daniel Enrique Laso, 21-year-old Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 31-year-old Julisa Molina Rivera, and 18-year-old Josué Jonatán Cáceres.

Directly following the horrendous killing, Sonia Guzman’s significant other, Wilson, began a pledge drive to assist him with sending the bodies of his better half and kid to their local country Honduras for internment. The pledge drive sent off on April 30 has up to this point raised more than $13,000 of its $25,000 objective.

Police are as yet looking for the suspect Francisco Oropeza, a Hispanic man who ran away from the area after he shot his neighbors following a minor question. As recently covered Friday night, Oropeza was shooting an AR-15-style attack weapon on his entryway patio for sport when a neighbor requested that he quit discharging the firearm as it would wake the child inside their home.

Accordingly, a pugnacious Oropeza, who was purportedly smashed at that point, let the neighbor know that it was his property prior to strolling to the neighbor’s front entryway and shooting five individuals inside the house, including a 8-year-old kid. The suspect then run away from the area.

Sheriff Greg Tricks told Observer News that ten individuals were living in the house at the hour of the shooting. Tricks said that police were at first answering a provocation report at a home when they were cautioned of a functioning shooter at the scene.

Upon appearance, cops allegedly found five people from Honduras shot in the head at the Texas home. Specialists added that three others ,who were tracked down canvassed in the casualties’ blood, were likewise taken to a clinic. Be that as it may, it is hazy assuming they were harmed.

On Saturday, Tricks said specialists had stuck Francisco Oropeza’s area to a lush region 1.2 miles west of the crime location, however actually Sunday, the suspect was as yet viewed as a criminal on the lam.

The workplace of Texas Lead representative Greg Abbott offered a $50K compensation for data that prompts Oropesa’s whereabouts, taking note of that the suspect could be anyplace as of now. They said:

“Lead representative Greg Abbott today declared a $50,000 compensation for a Texas Branch of Public Security (DPS) top 10 outlaw who is in the nation illicitly and killed five unlawful settlers in a shooting Friday night in Cleveland, Texas.” Be that as it may, Abbott is currently getting reaction for distinguishing the survivors of the Texas mass shooting as “unlawful outsiders.” George Takei, the Star Journey entertainer who is the child of migrant guardians, referred to the lead representative’s assertion as “disgusting”. In a Twitter post, he said:

“This is abominable. I would have figured raising the movement status of the guiltless casualties of this silly savagery would be underneath even you. In any case, I was off-base.” Julián Castro, the previous Lodging and Metropolitan Improvement Secretary, likewise censured the lead representative for depicting the casualties of a silly misfortune as unlawful outsiders. He said:

“Five individuals lost their lives and Greg Abbott demands marking them ‘unlawful migrants’.” In the mean time, CNN revealed that in excess of 200 officials from different policing are looking for the suspect in the shooting.