‘Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers on What She Loves About Austen Kroll & Doesn’t Love About Madison LeCroy

“No one held down their heads up ahead of time, so I got an earful,” she owns up to ET over video talk. “Notwithstanding, that didn’t really have one of several things to do with me in any case, so I truly pushed ahead with it.”

Olivia and Austen’s possible opinion is forthcoming in season 8, but neither one of the charmers has revealed the circumstance with their relationship.


“You really want to tune in and watch the rest of an opportunity to find out, but we’re in a for the most part superb spot,” Olivia offers when crushed to DTR. “I wouldn’t be locked in with him, how I have been, if I couldn’t [see a future with him].”

Austen’s appearances across the Bravo-segment – – from Southern Charm to Winter House and Summer House – – throughout the previous year have worked up a bit of discussion inside the being a fan, as he investigated each accessible open door between Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller on both House series.

“I accept he’s uncommonly misshaped,” Olivia says of Austen’s remaining with the group. “He’s real delicate, and I think a lot of the times, he genuinely would basically talk his consideration and offer expressions how they are. Furthermore, I figure they can be misinterpreted sometimes.”

“The Summer House thing, when I watched it back, I thought he was very genuine about his objectives,” she adds. “He was having a good time with up single and expected to have. So I figure at times people can get in their own opinions, and he’s just a straightforward one to make the scoundrel. However, I don’t think he anytime is determined to purposely hurt anyone.”

Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers parade some PDA in the Southern Charm season 8 trailer
Olivia says her main thing with respect to the Kings Calling Brewing Co. trailblazer is his humorous tendency (“We essentially live it up together and we have a comparative interesting bone… He makes me chuckle ceaselessly,” she shares), yet admits despising how hung up Austen gave off an impression of being on his ex, Madison LeCroy, fundamentally all along.

By and by, close to 12 months after she at first started dating Austen, Olivia seems to see a major problem with Madison for that than on Austen. She guaranteed on another episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that Madison really sends Austen late-night messages.

“I genuinely had the assumption for right basically being merry [with her],” Olivia says of Madison. “She and I never ought to have been partners and go to early lunch together, but I saw no reason for us to have whatever negative to say about the other or be awful to one another. With everything taken into account, when I kept on hearing a couple of things that she was saying in regards to me or people that I care about, eventually – – and we’d had such friendly collaborations – – so then to have those obliging correspondences and a while later to hear that she was communicating various things in spite of my completely honest intentions, and communicating horrible things? It was like, I just quit wasting time of disappointment.”

That failure is clear in the trailer for season 8, which sees a finale fight between the ladies, Olivia stepping off from a conversation with Madison and flipping the bird at the stylist.

“I would prefer not to do this fake respectable thing,” Olivia figures out. “If you could manage without me, strangely, then, we can just do anything we could want to do. Likewise, that was, I think, the point that they got with me doing that unpleasant, strange, flip the bird – – I don’t think I’ve anytime given anyone the middle finger, as you could apparently tell in that scene – – I was absolutely puzzled since it was again another fake conversation that I would have rather not had.”

The strain between these two has quite recently filled in the months since cameras went down, with Madison alluding to Olivia as “straightforward” and “trust-hold junk” in interviews propelling the season.

Olivia Flowers flips off Madison LeCroy on season 8 of Bravo’s Southern Charm. Bravo “I went from ‘ugly’ to ‘down and out,’ to ‘trust-save trash,’ which I accepted was perfect,” Olivia yields. “Who goes from down and out to trust-save garbage in a day?” She in like manner says she’s chosen not to answer Madison’s digs since “I just let her have her time of importance.”

She has, regardless, searched for amicability with Venita Aspen. She and her fellow Southern Charm fledgling started quickly wrong, as Venita addressed why Olivia planned to bat for Kathryn Dennis following last season’s contention including racially-charged messages sent by Kathryn on Instagram. Right when Venita initially tried to get some data about it at a nursery party, Olivia shut down the conversation when Venita raised “bigot.”

“I just was genuinely stunned considering the way that I had as of late met her,” Olivia figures out. “I thought going about it at the nursery party, and how she went about it, was really uncalled-for. Likewise, like I said, I was delighted to have that conversation. That just was not a chance to get it going, it was an especially messed up party in any case, and that basically wasn’t the time.”

“I really have an as such outlook on that,” she surrenders. “In any case, I never expected to effectively goal her to feel pardoned. I as of late felt that was a truly horrendous opportunity to have that conversation, and I didn’t have even the remotest clue where it was coming from, as well. That was similarly the bewildering part to me. … I was as, ‘I have nothing to do with [Kathryn’s history].'”

Olivia and Venita finally had the conversation a portion of a month sometime later, meeting for coffee after Olivia disinvited Venita from a shellfish party at her home.

The cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm, season 8 Bravo “Venita and I are in a respectable spot now,” she shares. “It really was just that one conversation we expected to have, and I truth be told do wish we had the conversation before my party, since that is all I genuinely required. We basically ought to have been in complete understanding. Moreover, I mean, starting there forward, all through the rest of the time, we’re fine. Besides, we’re in a fair spot, by and by. So if I could return and do it extraordinary, I would have had her at my party.”

Concerning what’s simply not too far off, Olivia says she’s not expecting to recall her finale fight with Madison, nor clashing with her at get-together, yet she’s “for the most part truly invigorated” for the wide range of various things, which integrates a more prominent measure of her people – – Garry and Robin – – jumping up on screen.

“They’re more well known than I am!” she notes. “My dad, he could manage without really see all that. He’ll pop his head in when he hears his voice and he’ll be like, ‘okay.’ I’m like, ‘Father … you’re fine.” But they’ve taken pleasure in [it]. The whole cycle was fun together because I was home the whole time.”

This isn’t the underlying time TV cameras went after the Flowers family. MTV featured Olivia and her kin, Conner, on an episode of Teen Cribs back in 2009, when the family lived in Dallas.

“This was the very thing that I was most dreading, my ‘muddled sex tape,’ you basically hide it under the bed and trust no one sees it,” Olivia jokes. “Nothing unusual, yet I’m in my messed up stage.” Take a gander at Olivia’s Teen Cribs visit. Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.