Spencer Pratt Slams ‘Friends’ Star As ‘One Of The Worst Humans I’ve Ever Come In Contact With’

Spencer Pratt is singling out one of the “Buddies’ stars as being not exactly respectable.

The unscripted TV character shared a TikTok video where he’s drawn nearer to name “the rudest hotshot you’ve met.”


Pratt didn’t have to think a lot of before offering a response.

Pratt didn’t get a handle on the reasoning behind his choice, but dependable that expecting there was adequate interest he’d spill all the tea.

“On the off chance that this hit[s] at least million viewpoints I will consider telling the story,” he formed.

After he shared his response, “Certifiable Housewives of New York” alum Bethenny Frankel ringed in, uncovering she had a near contribution in Kudrow.

“That is crazy,” she wrote in a remark. “She was on my TV program and I had a crazy experience as well.”

Pratt outperformed his million-view interest by achieving 4.1 million, and kept on sharing the story.

It was 2009 and Heidi and I were welcome to our most essential five star A-summary party. It was clear when we showed up, no one required us there.

‘It was essentially like we were recording for Punk’d and a camera wanted to jump up, but Heidi and I wouldn’t fret as there was wonderful food and free beverages.

‘As we were remaining there consuming a little caviar, Phoebe [Lisa] approaches, which was to some degree astounding as no one had tended to us using any and all means at the party.


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So as we’re staying near the buffet, that is when Phoebe Buffay rolls up. Besides, straightforwardly before me she encourages Heidi that she needs to create some distance from me as fast as possible because I will kill Heidi and that I have the eyes of a constant killer,” Pratt happen in a second TikTok.

“Heidi keeps down to really take a look at whether this a joke, maybe this is a mysterious camera party. In any case, no snickers, she just leaves,” he adds. “That not excessively far off as the rudest second I’ve anytime experienced with an individual.”

Frankel followed up by conferring her own knowledge to Kudrow, taking into account that the “Mates” star appeared to genuinely not actually want to be there (perhaps she was assisting for Ellen DeGeneres, who conveyed “Bethenny”, of whether the marketing master was assisting for the “Ellen” show booker, she considered).

“Anyway, when she was on my network show, she stood separated as need might have arisen to be there least of anybody of the entire run,” Frankel looked into. “I depict perhaps I moved toward her at the corner store to converse with her and she’d be like [imitating a flinch], ‘What, you’re coming ward upon me in the frozen food section?’ But it was on a network show set. I in a general sense asking her fundamental, normal requests and you could see she essentially wanted to be there. Which makes two of us.”