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Stephanie Duncan is a lady from North Annville. She has been blamed for mishandling and attacking five embraced kids.

She conceded on Wednesday, October 22, 2021, to her charges. She faces as long as 288 years in jail and $65,000 in fines.

Stephanie Duncan is 42 years of age mother of five took on youngsters. She has been depicted as the essential victimizer of her youngsters.

The Anville occupant mishandled the children through actual discipline, food-water hardship. She additionally disregarded their hotness and restroom advantages.

Poor people kids were beaten, choked, and secured outside terrible climate.

In her shield, she professes to be experiencing sadness uneasiness, melancholy, and post-horrible pressure problem.

Duncan showed up on a video from jail under the steady gaze of Lebanon County Judge. Her sentence will be given over at a meeting on December 22, 2021.

Stephanie had gotten government financing to assist with supporting five took on kids. Nonetheless, the cash was utilized for their very own shake.

She and her better half showed up in Lebanon province in 2009. Ultimately, they took on three kids, who are self-taught.

Subsequent to finishing the youngsters’ reception in 2014, their maltreatment started to heighten. Truth be told, the Duncans likewise made a position framework among the children.

Stephanie Duncan and her better half Robert John Duncan live in the 2700 square of Cedar Run Road.

Both presently face numerous counts of exasperated attack on youngsters. They are additionally faulted for altering the proof.

Two or three was under the radar from January 2021. They were suspected following a 11-year-old child was hurried to Hershey Medical Center.

He was observed to be lethargic and hypothermic. Further, the examination prompted the disclosure of youngsters with wounds on their body parts.

Among the five kids, James was singled out for the most outrageous maltreatment. He had to eat cleanser and hot pepper and denied of latrine access.

As of Wednesday, the Duncans stayed in Lebanon County Prison.

Stephanie Duncan couldn’t be perceived on Instagram.

Stephanie Duncan and Rovert John are captured for youngster misuse. They stay in the Lebanon County Prison.

They will serve as long as 288 years in jail alongside a fine of $65,000.

Stephanie Duncan’s bail was set at $250,000 and Robert Duncan’s set at $200,000.