Stephanie Holly Arrested And Charged For Her 5-month-old Son Death: Where Is The Child’s Father Calib J. Scott?


A Volusia County lady was condemned to 12 years in jail for the passing of her 5-month-old child, who was over and over hit and tossed to the floor when he would not quit crying.

As indicated by Michigan State Police, the 5-month-old kid was killed on June 12, 2019, when his dad dropped him on his head and pummeled him onto a table.

Daemon, the previous couple’s child, was around five months old and weighed around 12 pounds when he was killed. As per a report, the couple and their child resided in a manufactured house at 19 N. Yonge St. in Ormond Beach when Scott called 911 on June 11, 2019, to report that his child was experiencing issues relaxing.

Police guarantee Holly knew about savagery to her child during his short life, including cigarette consumes to his ears, despite the fact that she was working at that point.

Ormond Beach Police investigators expressed that this is the most horrifying wrongdoing they have at any point examined.

Stephanie Holly Arrested And Charged For Her 5-month-old Son’s Death As indicated by the State Attorney’s Office for Volusia and Flagler Counties, Stephanie Holly, 37, argued no challenge to charges of disregard of a kid inflicting damage, inability to report kid misuse/disregard, and at fault carelessness uncover injury.

Holly was viewed as liable by Circuit Judge Dawn Nichols on Friday and condemned to jail for a very long time, trailed by eight years of probation. Colleague State Attorney Andrew Urbanak indicted the case effectively for the State. The Honorable Dawn Nichols, who managed the issue, articulated the sentence.

She let officials know that the kid’s wounds were brought about by a crate fan falling all over coincidentally. As indicated by a police report, she knew nothing about the youngster’s cigarette consume and made sense of that he thought his wounds were “not excessively terrible.”

Where Is The Child’s Father, Calib J. Scott? The newborn child’s dad, Caleb J. Scott, is at present detained in the wake of being viewed as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder, extreme kid misuse, and disregard of a youngster jeopardizing significant real harm.

Examiners say Scott dealt with Damon in Ormond Beach in 2019 when the newborn child wouldn’t quit crying. Examiners guarantee he then over and over hit the 5-month-old and dropped him on the floor to inspire him to quit crying.

Damon was found lethargic and got dried out when people on call showed up. He was taken to a nearby emergency clinic and later proclaimed dead. As per the capture report, clinical laborers found the kid with wounds all over, a potential cigarette consume behind his ear, and injuries in different phases of mending.

Besides, Holly, Scott’s ex, was captured in Michigan in 2020. In June 2019, Holly was addressed by Ormond Beach police after she and Scott called 911 to report that their youngster was not relaxing.

Stephanie Holly Is In Volusia County Woman’s Jail Stephanie Holly was captured and taken to the Volusia County Woman’s Jail. Several’s 5-month-old child, Daemon Scott, was killed one year prior, and Holly is presently being imprisoned in Monroe on a $210,000 bond as she anticipates removal to Florida.

As indicated by Volusia County Woman Jail standers, all prisoners and guests entering the establishment are likely to look. Things delegated booty under Florida regulation incorporate weapons or items equipped for being utilized (e.g., a key ring that serves as a pen blade), solution and unlawful medications, non-prescription medicine or beauty care products, and tobacco items.

Ormond Beach Police Chief Jesse Godfrey refered to this capture as one more delineation of the division’s exceptional analytical work and collaboration with the State Attorney’s Office. “Child Daemon, the person in question, will be appropriately addressed in a courtroom,” says the observer. “I’m persuaded that equity will be finished with respect to this extreme examination.”