“Stup!d me Sotey I Dey Carry Sacrifice For You;” — Chats Of Late IVD’s Wife, Bimbo Leaks

Following Airhead Ogbonna’s sad passing, discussions with her better half surfaced in which she admitted her association in charms and charms exercises for IVD. A companion of the mother of five had recently claimed that she knew about the late Airhead’s contribution in ceremonies and other devilish exercises she found herself mixed up with at her better half’s solicitation.

In the most recent turn of events, visits between the couple in the midst of the intensity of their abusive behavior at home surfaced. Airhead seethed at her better half during the discussion about the work she put into their marriage, guaranteeing that she even went similarly as conveying ‘ebo’ for IVD, a Yoruba word for’sacrifice.’


Prior, brother of late Airhead, spouse of vehicle vendor, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, has said his relatives did all that could be within reach to get Airhead far from IK however she continued to return to him. Oyindamola said everything began when a 18-year-old Airhead met Ikechukwu while answering to remarks on his Instagram page.

He asserted she had given Ikechukwu every last bit of her school reserves and had in the long run exited. He proceeded to express that after rehashed bombed admonitions to stop seeing one another, Airhead’s family sent her to Abuja. IK, then again, reached her and took steps to commit suicide on the off chance that she didn’t return.

He guaranteed Airhead escaped to Lagos to accompany him. Oyindamola proceeded to say that their family even proposed to pay IVD cash to ward youthful Airhead off at that point, yet they proceeded with their relationship. He accepts Airhead and IVD had a blood contract since she continued returning to him in spite of everything.