‘Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story’ Review: Candice King shines in hurried Lifetime thriller


The genuine story told in “Bag Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story” is a tracked down dead and cut up in an about a man bag in 2004. The genuine story of Melanie McGuire, who was viewed as at real fault for killing her significant other in 2004 and shipped off jail, is told in the Lifetime film.

In the film, Candice King plays McGuire, an extraordinary fruitfulness nurture who is hitched to ex-marine Bill (Michael Roark). She likewise adores her two young men without question. Melanie does the unimaginable when she falls head over heels for Brad, a specialist at her facility who is played by Jackson Hurst, and begins a hot undertaking with him. After she gives Bill medications and kills him, she cuts up his body, places the pieces in three bags, and tosses them into Chesapeake Bay. At the point when the bags are found on Virginia sea shores, an examination is begun, and Melanie is the primary suspect. With the assistance of associate principal legal officer Patti Prezioso (Wendie Malick), the law in the long run finds Melanie, who is found blameworthy yet demands she is honest.


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Despite the fact that this depends on genuine occasions, the composing isn’t excellent. First and foremost, a lady strolling on the ocean front toward the beginning of the day tracks down a bag and calls the police. The film in the end gets to the part where Bill and Melanie meet interestingly. It then shows their entire story, from when they initially began dating to the day they got hitched, when Melanie was pregnant. “The Melanie McGuire Story: Suitcase Killer” (Lifetime)

Despite the fact that this is a homicide secret with a ton of fascinating parts, the primary portion of the book is for the most part about sex, sentiment, and cheating. Melanie goes through each feeling you can imagine in the film, yet probably excessively fast. In only a couple of moments, Melanie gets hitched to Bill, and afterward he undermines her.

Likewise, the significant scene in the court where Melanie attempts to save herself is neither very much shown nor told. This is presumably the main piece of the story, and it ought to have been told better and for longer. Case Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story stars Candice King as Melanie McGuire (Lifetime)

In any case, Candice King radiates through the wreck with an extraordinary presentation as a lady who will successfully defend herself. As the legal counselor, Wendie Malick is an extraordinary assistance and gives an incredible exhibition in court. Michael Roark likewise works really hard as a man who likes to bet and betrays his significant other whenever he finds the opportunity.

Toward the finish of the film, Melanie is viewed as at real fault for killing her significant other. All through the film, however, you get the feeling that she is guiltless, which makes the closure somewhat of a shock. This film is perfect for a one-time frame seeing, particularly to see a genuine homicide secret with a great deal of show.