Sungnam Lisowski Murder Charged: Accused Of Killing Her Husband John Lisowski

Find out about the homicide instance of Sungnam Lisowski, a surprising shooting binge that brought about a horrendous family misfortune.

Named Sungnam Kwon Lisowski, Sungnam Lisowski was a woman who participated in an unnerving shooting binge on Christmas morning in 2002.

She was blamed for first-degree murder and endeavored first-degree murder; she at last entered a blameworthy supplication and was allowed a 45-year prison term without the chance of delivery.

The people group and the groups of the casualties both experienced long haul impacts the horrendous occasion.

Charges for Sungnam Lisowski’s Homicide
Aurora occupant Sungnam Kwon Lisowski was accused in association of a horrendous homicide and endeavored murder that happened on Christmas Day in 2002.

An area was left with shock and despondency when the misfortune happened inside their family’s home.

The episode began on September 5, 2002, when Sungnam’s better half, John Lisowski, composed an overwhelming email expressing that he needed a separation.

The 19-year marriage of the couple — who had initially met in South Korea — was obliterated by this information.

The claims were connected with an occasion wherein Sungnam purchased a.38-type censure eased handgun out of sadness and fury after her companion openly proclaimed his longing for a separation.

Sungnam was blamed for first-degree murder for her significant other’s demise and endeavored first-degree murder for going after her children after the shocking occasion.

Her protection counsel guaranteed that she was intellectually bumbling for preliminary, which brought up issues about her emotional well-being for the situation.

Sungnam Kwon Lisowski at last entered a blameworthy supplication to the charges notwithstanding being deranged, and she was condemned to 45 years in prison without the opportunity of delivery for what she had done on that horrible Christmas morning.

In the episode “We’re Happy Mother is Dead” of “Underhanded Lives Here,” the homicide instance of Sungnam Kwon Lisowski was featured.

Sungnam Lisowski Is Accused Of Her Significant other John Lisowski’s Demise
On Christmas Day in 2002, Sungnam Kwon Lisowski was accused of a frightening wrongdoing that shook the area.

Driven by fury, gloom, and jealousy, Sungnam pursued a significant decision that would steer many lives.

John Lisowski was sitting innocently at his PC on Christmas morning when he turned into the primary setback from Sungnam’s anger.

Her better half’s life was suddenly taken when she cruelly terminated various rounds at him, hitting him toward the rear of the head and commonly toward the back.

There was at this point more misfortune ahead. The fierce eruption from Sungnam additionally impacted two or three’s two children, who are 14 and 12 years of age.

She was cold and purposeful in her way to deal with the girls subsequent to killing her significant other.

Sungnam barbarously shot the senior little girl as she up the steps to their room, then she went for the more youthful one.

The more youthful little girl, frightened and out of luck, boldly attempted to call for help by breaking out of the room and dialing 911. The little kid was calling for help, and the dispatcher could hear discharges.

At the point when specialists on call showed up on the site in the midst of the gunfire, they saw a startling situation.

Sungnam had self-caused shot injuries to her chest in an alternate room, and the two females were found to have a few gunfire wounds.

Her protection attorney asserted that she was intellectually awkward for preliminary, which started worries about her psychological well-being right after the debacle.