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Patricia and William Wycherley were shot dead by their own little girl, Susan Edwards in 1998. Her better half, Christopher assisted her with covering their bodies and dispose of the proof.

The following working day after the two homicides, Susan cleared all the cash, about £40,000, from her folks’ records. The Edwards didn’t simply stop there, be that as it may. Throughout the following fifteen years, they sent phony Christmas cards to their family members in Wycherley’s name to keep up the misrepresentation.

They fashioned marks, at whatever point vital, and redirected their cash including private annuities, enterprising injury benefits, winter fuel installments, and Christmas rewards. All things considered, two or three was captured following fifteen years of the homicide and was given a lifelong incarceration with at least 25 years.

The grisly story is exhibited in the Landscapers Documentary Sky News. Susan Edward wedded her significant other Christopher Edwards in 1983. He used to fill in as a records representative. Additionally, he was a previous weapon club part.

Name Susan Edwards
Age 57
Gender Female
Nationality British
Parents Patricia and William Wycherley
Married/Single Married
Husband Christopher Edwards

Allegedly, Christopher expressed that he didn’t slaughter his parents in law however assisted his better half with disposing of the dead bodies. He said he was unable to leave his better half to the wolves.

After Wycherley’s homicide and redirecting their cash, he and his significant other offered their home and migrated to France. However, even in the wake of taking a sum of £245,000 of Wycherley’s cash, they were as yet fruitless to pay every one of their obligations and had just £17 in his name.

Susan Edwards was born to her folks, Patricia Wycherley and William Wycherley. There were 67 and 85 years of age at the hour of their demises, separately. Susan was the lone kid and didn’t have some other kin.

Additionally, she conceded to the murdering of her mom on the ground that she was incited. She asserted that she heard some commotion in hr guardians’ room and went to beware of them. There, she discovered her dad on the floor and her mom was holding a firearm.

She further expressed that her mom revealed to her she had a sexual relationship with her significant other in 1992. The contention made her shoot her folks dead. She additionally expressed that she educated her better half regarding the occasions a couple of days after the fact.

Notwithstanding, the arraignment dismissed the story and asserted it was all untruth. They said that it was a planned homicide and her significant other, Christopher was likewise present at the hour of the homicide. As a previous weapon club part, all things considered, Christopher was the one to shoot the old couple.