Swizz Beatz & Diddy Supports Kanye West Vows To Stop Wearing Adidas

Kanye West is producing support from his companions in the hip-bounce industry as he takes up arms against Adidas, including big help from Swizz Beatz and Diddy, who commitments to prevent wearing pinion wheels from the athletic apparel goliath.

The very rich person rapper turn design symbol has been posting about the organization with whom he has a 1-billion-dollar bargain, however as per Kanye West, Adidas had avoided him with regards to the dynamic part of the business in spite of him getting a lot of income for the organization.


Adidas still can’t seem to answer Kanye West, who has been going after different individuals from upper administration of the organization. A few insiders say that Kanye is endeavoring to menace the board and investors into bringing him into upper administration in spite of his understanding just being one as a planner.

Kanye West has additionally affirmed that Adidas and Gap, with whom he has separate arrangements, have taken his plans and attempted to make duplicates in China. He says he is indicting the organizations over the charges.

On Tuesday, he proceeded with his provocation of the organization and shared that he is getting support from a few other big-name famous people who are prepared to blacklist the organization.

Over the most recent two days, both Swizz Beatz and Diddy joined the conflict, with the last option compromising Adidas that on the off chance that it doesn’t do a good job for Kanye, he’ll require a blacklist.

On Tuesday, Diddy shared a screen capture of a discussion he had with Kanye where he proposed to help the craftsman.

“Kindly can send me something I could post on the side of you! I at absolutely no point ever wear Adidas in the future until the end of my life on the off chance that they don’t make you right!!!!” Diddy kept in touch with Kanye, who answered with two sentences, “Applause God and Love you.”

Diddy likewise shared a subtitle where he got down on Adidas for benefitting from dark culture and its treatment of Kanye.

“Since the time of Run-DMC, @Adidas has consistently utilized Hip Hop to construct its image and make billions off of our way of life,” he said. “Yet, WE ARE MORE THAN JUST CONSUMERS NOW, WE’RE THE OWNERS. @KanyeWest and YEEZY are the explanation Adidas is pertinent to culture. WE KNOW OUR VALUE! I’m finished wearing Adidas items until they make this right!! We need to help one another!! Everyone repost this please!!,” Diddy said.

A day prior, Swizz Beatz likewise said that Adidas was off-base in its treatment of Ye.

“I typically mind mv business yet this is DEAD WRONG! Assuming we let them do this to @kanyewest it will happen to us too! This man made this weighty development and it ought to be regarded as an imaginative ! YE is just requesting his work to be regarded and not taken that is not insane to me !!” he said.

“We not accepting these @adidas you should be unique do the right thing please,” he added.
Last month, Kanye got down on Adidas for its Adilette 22 slide shoes which firmly looked like his Yeezy slides.

From that point forward, he has made a few post-then-erase on Instagram where he blamed both Adidas and Gap for not respecting their concurrence with his Yeezy image. Kanye West proceeded to say that he wanted to open his most memorable Yeezy physical store in Atlanta and plans to move cross country as he hinted that he intended to pull his Yeezy image from Adidas and Gap.

In September, he additionally started to post images and counterfeit different Adidas leaders yet explicitly SVP Daniel Cherry III.

Adidas has not answered any of the cases by Kanye.

Kanye initially began working with Adidas in 2013 with his Yeezy footwear. The shoes turned out to be generally famous and gotten an enormous percent of the organization’s complete income, with $1.7 billion procured in 2021. Kanye’s arrangement with Adidas sees him having 100 percent responsibility for copyrights of the shoes and 15% in sovereignties on deals. The arrangement runs until 2026.