Tamala Wells Missing Update, What Happened to Tamala Wells? Was Tamala Wells Ever Found?

The quest for Tamala Wells, a Detroit mother who was absent for north of 10 years proceeds, while the local area rallies to keep her memory alive, offering a monetary compensation for data prompting her whereabouts.

Tamala Wells Missing Update

Tamala Wells, a Detroit mother, stays missing over 10 years after her vanishing. Wells was most recently seen at her home on Appleton Road in Detroit on August 6, 2012. In spite of the progression of time, Priest Malik Shabazz stresses that they don’t think of it as a virus case yet rather a perplexing one, promising to remain with Donna Davis, Wells’ mom, however long it takes.


Wells’ vehicle was found miles away on the city’s east side close to Coventry and East State Fair. The, not entirely set in stone to keep her memory alive, keeps on thumping on entryways and offer her face and name, even as tips in the examination have dwindled throughout the long term. Family companion Linda Maisano urges aggregate activity, stressing the requirement for solidarity in tracking down missing people.

Tamala Wells was depicted as a lady with dreams and expectations, participated in seeking after her schooling. Regardless of the case hitting a stop, Shabazz will not be quieted, featuring everybody’s more right than wrong to live.

What has been going on with Tamala Wells?

Tamala Wells, a Detroit mother of two, has been absent since August 6, 2012. In spite of 10 years passing, her whereabouts stay obscure. The most recent subtleties demonstrate Wells left her home on Appleton Road in a Pontiac Fantastic Prix, later found by police without her inside. Portrayed as 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 157 pounds, she was most recently seen in miniature twists, blue jean shorts, and a white shirt.

Another investigator has taken working on it, bringing expect new leads and conclusion for Wells’ loved ones. The drive is essential for a more extensive exertion by Detroit Boss White to rethink cold cases. While Wells’ sweetheart was scrutinized on numerous occasions, no charges have been recorded. The hunt proceeds, with 3,900 individuals at present missing in Michigan.

Was Tamala Wells At any point Found?

As of the most recent data accessible, Tamala Wells, missing since August 2012, has not been found. A new tip got by local area lobbyist Clergyman Malik Shabazz proposed that Wells could have been seen about 18 months prior at a house on Indiana Road. Shabazz, reporting the tip, referenced plans to contact CrimeStoppers and policing the data got from a mysterious source.

The house being referred to on Indiana Road was apparently firebombed, deserted, and Tamala Wells was purportedly seen there as per the tip. The Detroit police expressed that the case stays open, and any suitable tips they get will be completely researched. Tamala’s mom, Donna Wells, who has since moved to Florida, appreciates the continuous endeavors and urges anybody with data about her girl to approach. At this point, Tamala Wells’ whereabouts stay obscure.

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Tamala Wells Missing Update – FAQs

1. When was Tamala Wells last seen?
Tamala Wells was most recently seen on August 6, 2012.

2. Has there been any advancement in the examination?
The case stays inexplicable, with a new tip recommending a locating about 18 months prior, however no new turns of events.

3. What is the ongoing status of the case?
The case is open, and endeavors proceed, and another analyst, as they investigate new prompts track down Tamala Wells.

4. How might the local area add to the inquiry?
The people group is urged to share data and stay watchful.

5. What is Tamala Wells’ family talking about the circumstance?
Donna Wells, Tamala’s mom, keeps on remaining with the local area in the pursuit, appreciating progressing endeavors and encouraging anybody with data to approach.