Tenzin Norbu Video On Reddit As Woman Set On Fire TTC, Toronto Man Nationality Amid Hate Crime


On Friday, June 17, 2022, a lady was set ablaze on a Toronto public travel transport. Following this, a man named Tenzin Norbu has been captured for endeavored murder and the disdain propelled episode. He showed up in the Toronto court on Saturday.

Via virtual entertainment stages, a video from the Toronto occurrence has as of late turned into a web sensation. Keep on knowing the new updates.


Tenzin Norbu Video On Reddit As Woman Set On Fire TTC A video of Tenzin Norbu is moving on Reddit and Twitter. As found in the video, a man poured a fluid substance on the lady and touched off it, bringing about a fire.

Not long after the episode, officials were called to the Kipling metro station, close to Kipling Avenue and Dundas Street West.

Norbu is blamed for endeavored murder, attack with a weapon, normal irritation, and underhandedness. The Police examination has uncovered that the occurrence was spurred by a can’t stand wrongdoing.

After the occurrence, the casualty was shipped off Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in basic condition. She has experienced serious ignites with dangerous wounds. Reports have uncovered that she experienced second and severely charred areas. There have not been any new reports on the lady.

As indicated by the police, the Asian man had escaped the region however later he was arrested. They are as yet examining the assault that saw the lady ablaze on a TTC transport.

The assault on Friday comes closely following without a doubt two other huge metro station assaults in Toronto. Kartik Vasudev, a global understudy, was killed in an April shooting close to the Sherbourne tram station.

Who Is Tenzin Norbu From Toronto? Tenzin Norbu is a 33 years of age Toronto-based man. He is a Buddhist priest.

Certain individuals have accepted that the man could be a lefty extremist and some say that he has a typical connection with Yannick Bandaogo and Osman.

The aggressor is booked to show up in court at 2201 Finch Ave. W. on Monday morning. His mugshot has additionally been shared on Reddit. According to the news refreshes, Norbu is at present under police authority.

He has been accused of the accompanying offenses: endeavored murder, attack with a weapon, normal irritation jeopardize, and, underhandedness more than $5000-Interfere with the property.

In the mean time, the casualty is accepted to be a 20-year-elderly person. She was helped by TTC representatives and residents close by.

Where Is Tenzin Norbu Originally From? His Nationality Tenzin Norbu is as of now situated in Toronto. In any case, the suspect’s name is Tibetan and apparently he has an Asian beginning.

In the mean time, the specialists have not delivered a particular insights regarding his folks and relatives.