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As indicated by specialists, a woman in Georgia who professed to be a white male individual from the Klu Klux Klan has been accused of conveying terroristic intimidations to her neighbors.

The letter utilizes the N-word, discusses the KKK, hanging individuals, killing kids, killing whole families, and setting houses ablaze, a concerned dad who got a letter said to neighborhood news.

The messages took steps to torch their homes and kill them and demonstrated they didn’t have a place in the area, DPD examiner Nathan Shumaker said last week in an assertion.

Comparative notes were found in the letter drops of occupants on February 17, February 22, March 1, and March 3, as indicated by police.

As per an assertion delivered by the neighborhood police division, Terresha Lucas is associated with leaving messages in the letter drops of individuals in the Brookmont people group of Douglasville on something like six events, taking steps to torch their homes and murder them.

As indicated by the specialists, Lucas portrayed himself as a 6-foot white male with a long, red facial hair who said she didn’t live in the area.

Terresha Lucas of the Atlanta suburb of Douglasville was charged on eight counts of conveying terroristic intimidations in the wake of sending vicious, bigoted notes in which she professed to be a white individual from the disdain association with a long red facial hair growth who didn’t live locally.

Looking for Terresha Lucas on Facebook, no substantial outcome was shown. Continuing on session the episode, it has become famous, and numerous Facebook clients are seen furious with regards to Lucas’ activity.

According to the neighborhood police headquarters, Terresha Lucas’ age is 30. It is very tragic to be a lady of her age starting such undermining exercises.

On December 21, 2020, two families on a similar road in the Brookmont people group got racially propelled messages in their letter boxes.

Also, Teresa has sent many letters to numerous families in the area.

As news about Terresha Lucas has as of late began coasting, data on her family is still yet to be shared.

Till no news sources have delivered data about her family, investigating her age, we suppose her to be hitched as of now.

A great many people her age are hitched, and a critical level of them even have kids. All things considered, it is only an expectation yet to be checked by sold sources.