Texas Man Allegedly Broke into Estranged Wife’s Home Wearing a Ski Mask, Killed Her While Daughter Escaped


A Texas man purportedly broke into his alienated spouse’s home and killed her while their teen girl got away from through a room window, specialists said.

Ricardo Quinones, 38, has been accused of homicide regarding the Dec. 27 shooting demise of Lindsey Quinones, 31, inside her Georgetown home, as per the Austin-American Legislator and a Facebook post from the Georgetown Police Division.


Officials were called to the home after a “adolescent” called 911 saying the individual’s father had gone into their home with a weapon and was keeping individuals prisoner, police said in the post.

The guest was recognized in a capture testimony got by the Legislator as several’s 13-year-old little girl, who said her father – wearing all dark dress and a ski veil – awakened her when he sparkled an electric lamp right in front of her.

He then purportedly hauled his alienated spouse from bed and advised his girl to wait, while the lady told her to “pay attention to your father” yet mouthed that she ought to call police, the power source reports, refering to the sworn statement.

Thus, she called 911 as well as her uncle, as indicated by CBS Austin. By that point, Ricardo had heard the youngster on the telephone, and purportedly advised her to get back to her uncle and let him know she’d committed an error, the oath states. The testimony likewise claims Ricardo pointed a weapon at the family’s canine.

As per the sworn statement, the young lady said she then, at that point, saw her father attach up her mother with ropes.

The young lady then got away from through a room window, where she was met by cops who had hurried into the house in the wake of hearing two discharges around 3 a.m., CBS Austin reports.

Lindsey was viewed as dead, while Ricardo clearly ran away from the area in her green truck, KXAN reports, refering to the oath.

He was taken shots at by an official while taking off from the home, the power source reports, yet it’s muddled in the event that he was struck by a slug.

Ricardo was captured “without episode” at around 11 a.m. in a parking garage in Columbus, after a state officer told the Fayette Province Sheriff’s Office about the conceivable homicide suspect’s vehicle voyaging eastward on I-10, the sheriff’s office declared on Facebook. He supposedly told specialists “that it didn’t make any difference any longer, he was going to jail at any rate since he freaked out that morning and the weapon was in his truck,” as per the court records acquired by KXAN. A gun was recuperated from the vehicle.

Ricardo is being held at the Williamson Province Prison on a $1 million bond, various outlets report. It wasn’t promptly clear on the off chance that he had entered a request or held a lawyer who could talk for his sake. In the event that you are encountering aggressive behavior at home, call the Public Aggressive behavior at home Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to thehotline.org.

All calls are complementary and secret. The hotline is accessible every minute of every day in excess of 170 dialects.