Texas Mom | Emily “Susan” Law Killed By Ex-Boyfriend

Texas marathon runner mother Emily “Susan” Regulation cases that her previous sweetheart James Freeman killed her. The occasion happened soon after Emily mentioned a crisis security request.

Emily was planned to participate in a race since she was booked to partake in the Houston Ironman Marathon on Saturday, May 4. Emily was a marathon. Remorsefully, just five days earlier, her ex is said to have killed her in the kitchen of her home.


Detail of the reason for death
Watauga Police Boss Robert Parker expressed that on Monday, April 29 at Regulation’s home in Stronghold Worth, Watauga, James waved a firearm at them and the cop lethally shot him. By the by, the particular reason for death for the departed Susan has not yet been affirmed.

According to the cop,
We are as of now directing an examination. As well as guaranteeing that we have the right individual, we additionally need to ensure that no different issues exist. As per the cop, Freeman is blamed for murder and is believed to be the reason for the misfortune. The examination is as yet continuous. adding that he had a past of crime.