Texas mom stabs her five children, killing three: cops


A Texas mother lethally cut three of her children and injured two others after a kid administrations specialist monitored the family Friday, as indicated by a report.

Sources told WFAA the mother went after her little youngsters when a Kid Defensive Administrations laborer showed up at the Italy, Texas, home for an unannounced visit.


Ellis Region police offered almost no data Friday, yet affirmed three youngsters were found dead in their home close to Stafford Primary School at 4 p.m.

Two others were raced to the emergency clinic, however their condition is indistinct.

“All casualties were kids,” Ellis Area Agent Jerry Cozby said. “Suspect has been confined for the situation.”

CPS had recently positioned the youngsters — every one of whom were kin — under the guardianship of another family member, the organization’s sources said.

The laborer visited the home Friday since she thought the mother was having a solo encounter with the children.

“We are stunned by this vast misfortune, and right now working with policing research how this occurred, and why,” CPS told WFAA.

CPS didn’t quickly answer The Post’s solicitation for input.