Texas woman convicted of killing a pregnant woman to take her unborn baby


NEW BOSTON, Texas — A Texas lady was indicted for capital homicide Monday for killing a pregnant lady and cutting her unborn child from her belly a long time back.

Taylor Rene Parker, 29, was tracked down blameworthy in the horrifying homicide of Reagan Micelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and her baby little girl in their New Boston home in October 2020.


A Bowie Province jury in upper east Texas thought about an hour prior to tracking down Taylor Rene Parker, 29, at fault for the October 2020 homicide of Reagan Michelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and the snatching of the little girl cut from her belly who later died.

Examiners said Parker — who faked her own pregnancy for almost 10 months — slammed Simmons-Hancock’s skull in with a mallet and cut and cut her in excess of multiple times prior to eliminating her unborn child from her belly utilizing a surgical blade, while the youthful mother’s 3-year-old little girl was home.

The child young lady later died — however the safeguard group contended she had never been alive and moved to excuse the capturing charge, which would have brought the capital homicide accusation down to kill.

Parker, who couldn’t imagine after a hysterectomy, had seriously explored how to counterfeit a pregnancy and watched various recordings on conveying children preterm at 35 weeks — the quantity of weeks pregnant Simmons-Hancock was the point at which she was killed.

She had masked herself to look pregnant, faked ultrasounds, posted about her “pregnancy” via virtual entertainment and even had an orientation uncover for her imagine child in the months paving the way to Simmons-Hanock’s homicide.

Investigators affirmed that she made the intricate lie to hold back from losing her sweetheart and let him know she would be actuated to follow through upon the arrival of the homicide.

“In the beyond about fourteen days, the proof has never been all the more clear,” Associate Head prosecutor Lauren Richards told the jury. “She’s a liar, a controller, and presently she will be considered responsible for it.”

In her end explanation, Richards reminded members of the jury that the youthful mother was struck in the head somewhere multiple times, with such power that the blows compacted her skull into her mind.

“The aggravation Reagan probably felt when Taylor began cutting her mid-region, hip to hip … incredible,” Richards said. “At the point when Taylor had the child and Reagan was as yet alive, that is when Taylor began slicing and cutting.

She can’t leave her alive. It was no speedy passing. She recently continued to cut her. I surmise Reagan wouldn’t die quickly enough for Taylor to leave and continue ahead with her arrangements.”

Examiners are looking for capital punishment for the situation. Legal hearers will choose whether to condemn Parker to death or life detainment without any chance to appeal in a condemning preliminary booked to start Oct. 12.