Texas Women, Taylor Rene Parker, found guilty of killing a pregnant Woman


On Wednesday, a Texas lady, Taylor Rene Parker who had been viewed as at fault for killing a pregnant mother and taking out her unborn youngster was given capital punishment.

An Executioner was given capital punishment after she killed her pregnant colleague by pounding the child’s head and tearing out the mother. A Texas lady indicted for homicide for killing a pregnant woman and taking out her unborn youngster was condemned on Wednesday.


TXK Today detailed that a jury of six men and six ladies in Bowie District, nearly 150 miles east of Dallas, thought for under two hours prior to sentencing 29-year-old Taylor Rene Parker.

Parker was viewed as at real fault for capital homicide on Oct. 3 in the appalling homicide of Reagan Michelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and her child little girl in New Boston in October 2020.

The casualty’s sister said, “I just have one organic sister.” You should fathom what you have taken from all of us. No more birthday celebrations for her. “I was just 19 when I got the news that my sister was no more,”.

Emily Simmons, told Parker in a close to home casualty influence explanation before members of the jury began pondering, as per the Texarkana Newspaper.

The shattered mother said, “She won’t ever be my house cleaner of honor. On the off chance that I visit my sister I need to go to a cemetery and see a gravestone. I won’t ever get a message or call her from once more.”

Simmons-Hancock’s mom, Jessica Streams, considered Parker an “malevolent piece of tissue evil presence.” “My child was alive as yet battling for her infants when you tore her open and tore her child from her stomach,”.

In an intricate arrangement to hold her accomplice back from leaving her, Parker purportedly faked her own pregnancy in the ten months preceding the homicide. She discussed her pregnancy on the web, wore pregnancy masks, organized ultrasounds, and even had an orientation uncover party for the imaginary kid.

Cut In excess of multiple times Parker, who had a hysterectomy since she couldn’t imagine, illuminated her sweetheart that she would have an enlistment upon the arrival of the homicide.

Simmons-Hancock was 35 weeks along when she was killed, as per the indictment, and she purportedly invested a ton of energy investigating how to appear to be pregnant and watching films about conveying kids early.

On the morning of October 9, 2020, Parker utilized a mallet to break Simmons-skull Hancock’s and wounded her in excess of multiple times in her home prior to utilizing a blade to eliminate her unborn kid.

Parker took off with the kid, a girl who died presently. As per court specialists who talked with TXK Today, Parker was planned to be moved to the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas, where the state keeps its female death row convicts. She has the option to challenge the judgment.

Early Life Taylor Rene Parker is 27 years of age. She holds an American identity and she has a place with the white nationality.