That’s So Stupid, Are We Kids Here?- Daniella Slams Ilebaye Over Socks


The housemates got in a warmed contention just after their Thursday night task over marked socks. Daniella and Ilebaye have had a go at one another, this time over the last option guaranteeing responsibility for sets of socks.

Before things went south, Daniella was gotten on camera grumbling irately to Bryann about how Ilebaye dashed to grab the sets of socks from her two times. For a couple of moments, Ilebaye who strolled in on Daniella’s portrayal shockingly overlooked the circumstance.

Ilebaye’s quiet didn’t keep going long as she before long terminated back, responding to Daniella calling her a youngster. The level two house is strangely taking the crown for having the most show such a long ways as no week goes by without a warmed trade in the house.

This week, Ilebaye has been at the highest point of most battles. Review that the week started with the housemate conflicting with individual level two housemate, Bryann. Their trade got a piece individual with Bryann hauling Ilebaye’s parent.