“The Damage You Have Done To My Name Is Too Much” Actress Adewumi Fatai Blows Hot

Nollywood entertainer Adewumi Fatai Shifau has vented out over the degree of harm done to her name.

The business visionary took to her Instagram page to convey a few intimidations as she vowed to spill all the tea.


The entertainer uncovered how the individual, whose character remains disentangled, has been sassing her before others.

She guaranteed that the individual has harmed her to an extreme and she is prepared to stand up.

Taking steps to stand up, Adewumi promised to go on Instagram live.

“Prepare your coke and popcorn is going to be a long film. I really want to stand up, the harm you have done to my name is excessively. Live video soon”.

A many individuals have various conclusions about me and is a result of you and your falsehoods.

Allow me to converse with you so you can know that being ruining someone is so awful”.

This is coming a long time after she shared an obscure post about companionship.

Adewunmi Fatai tossed a shade at the people who would not befriend her, expressing there was no foe in her camp.

She composed: There’s no foe in Leo’s life. You are either a companion or you are dead.