“The fact that anyone actually donated is beyond disgusting”: Justin Sigmon GoFundMe sparks outrage over good Christian claim


Franklin District Sheriff’s Office representative Justin Sigmon is having to deal with criminal penalties after supposedly s*xually manhandling his minor girl. The occurrence purportedly happened on a Festival Daylight voyage transport. His family made a GoFundMe for him following his detainment, which left netizens maddened. The pledge drive has since been taken out from the stage.

Trigger Admonition: This article contains subtleties of s*xual misuse. Peruser’s attentiveness is encouraged.


The police official was going with his family on the journey transport from May 25 to May 29. The excursion started from Miami and was to make a stop in the Bahamas. It was uncovered that observation cameras found Justin Sigmon contacting his girl improperly, as the supposed casualty endeavored to drive his hands away a few times. A traveler on the boat likewise uncovered that Sigmon took care of his confidential region with his hands after his girl had created some distance from him.

While being evaluated by examiners, the casualty rejected that Sigmon had contacted her improperly. She proceeded to add that her dad was contacting her calf.

Justin Sigmon supposedly that’s what let agents know despite the fact that his activities appeared to be “unseemly,” he didn’t expect them to be “s*xual.” He additionally told policing assuming another man had contacted his girl that way he would have “hit him upside the head.”

As Justin Sigmon invests energy in prison without bail, a GoFundMe pledge drive has come into the spotlight. The equivalent was made by his family to cover for his jail needs. Many could hardly imagine how somebody had made a pledge drive for a claimed s*xual victimizer. Answering something similar, one netizen composed on the web:

The GoFundMe which has since been erased was made by Brad Holley in the interest of Tracy Holley, according to screen captures. The pledge drive guaranteed that the Sigmon was “one of the most Chirstian, fair and dependable individuals you can at any point meet.” The pledge drive was made to cover the family’s lawful costs.

Tracy Holley, who has all the earmarks of being Sigmon’s sister likewise took to her Facebook account as of late to share insights regarding the pledge drive. In a virtual entertainment post, she composed:

Holley proceeded to say that Sigmon is persevering “unfairness” and supporters must “lift the spirits” of Sigmon’s significant other and little girls. Holley finished the virtual entertainment post by saying:

“In particular petition God for himself and that equity will win! #JusticeforJustin on the off chance that you know him you will realize he didn’t do this and would help anybody in any case he can.”
Netizens were shocked over the pledge drive’s presence. Some were irritated over the way that the family utilized religion to shield the asserted s*xual victimizer. Responses to a similar read:

Justin Sigmon is set to show up in court on June 14 for his arraignment, counsel hearing and fundamental assessment. According to the Franklin Area Office, he had left his work on June 2.