The Father of TikTok Duo Enkyboys, Randy Gonzalez, has Died Following a Long Battle with Cancer

The dad of the famous TikTok pair Enkyboys, Randy Gonzalez, has died. His age was given as 35.

Gonzalez purportedly died from gastrointestinal disease on a Wednesday morning. Gonzalez, who chronicled his fight via web-based entertainment, declared his ailment in April of last year, illuminating allies he had been analyzed something like a half year beforehand and given a few years to live.

Gonzalez said at the time that he might live for up to five additional years with the assistance of chemotherapy. Subsequent to guaranteeing he was prevented therapy at the College from getting Texas malignant growth community because they didn’t acknowledge his protection, the well known TikTok star began a GoFundMe to fund-raise for his clinical costs.

Gonzalez and his child Brice, then, at that point, age 6, utilized their well known YouTube channel to raise assets and mindfulness for colon disease research.

Back in December, Gonzalez gave his allies a report on his condition, saying that his treatments were advancing great.

Gonzalez, who was participated in the video by Brice and his significant other, added, “It’s going great,” “Aside from I need to change my chemo in light of the fact that it’s not working at present, however I in all actuality do feel much better.” And he went on, “I’m simply glad that we’re back in Texas with the family.”

Both of Gonzalez’s girls showed up in the film as the family prepared for the coming Christmas festivity.

The application’s most famous client has apologized for the absence of new content, saying that the star’s ongoing medical issues are to be faulted.

Brice has likewise been on the NBC sitcom Lopez versus Lopez as Possibility, the clever grandson of George Lopez, where he has made watchers snicker.

Lopez posted a sympathy message for Gonzalez on Instagram on Wednesday.

“My sincerest sympathies to Brice and the whole Gonzalez family. The adoration and the bond Randy had for his child and his family was evident, you can see it in each video.

He will be remembered fondly, yet always remembered,” Lopez composed. “My heart goes out to the whole family.”

Lopez as of late examined his job as a television granddad to 6-year-old Brice and his prosperity with Diversion This evening.

“The way that my grandchild on the show has 17 million TikTok devotees is crippling to me as an entertainer,” the jokester jested.

“However, no, I mean, I’m a granddad in the show as well, so until Mayan considers, we will simply do this.”

Mayan, Lopez’s genuine little girl and Lopez’s television girl, remarked, “I didn’t consider myself a television mother,”

“Presently, it’s like I am exceptionally single, however I’ve forever been extremely maternal, so even like on the set — I mean he’s awesome, Brice Gonzalez.

He’s half of the Enkyboys on TikTok and he’s the very cutest easily overlooked detail.”