The Finalists Have A Night To Remember

While the Housemates were excited to get food supplies from Biggie following their Bet misfortune, Big Brother chose to make things a stride further by arranging a Finale supper. The supper declaration was made to the Housemates preceding Chizzy’s incredible Head of House triumph by active Head of House, Chichi.

Following the Games, they accumulated in the Field cleaned up like a pro for supper. While there, the Housemates chose to offer their thanks. Every Finalist made sense of why they were thankful to have the option to remain in the House until the finale. Rachel and Phyna were nearly moved to tears by this close to home scene.

You’d believe Biggie’s well born plan was supper, however the Housemates likewise got to partake in a film night in the Level 3 House. A battle almost broke out in light of the fact that a portion of the Housemates were new to the film being shown.

Rather than contending with Bella and the Riders, Rachel and Chizzy chose to mess around together. Afterward, they joined the Housemates in the film room, and the night closed with Bella, Adekunle, Phyna, Bryann, and Riders. Rachel and Chizzy bond over a round of snooker.