“The King is back”: G-Dragon reveals comeback news, K-pop stans can’t contain their excitement

BIGBANG’s G-Mythical beast, promoted as the Ruler of K-pop, shocked fans by dropping a video reporting his rebound plans and new exercises for 2023 on January 1.

The three-minute video, named GUERRILLA Work area : G_Division, was the last thing celebrities (BIGBANG’s being a fan) expected to drop since there hasn’t yet been any report on his agreement reestablishment with YG Diversion (YGE) yet.


A couple of days prior, the organization reported that BIGBANG’s Taeyang left them for THE Dark Name, while Daesung likewise withdrew from YGE.

In the video, the 34-year-old craftsman refreshed fans on how he spent his 2022 and uncovered that he was getting ready for his new collection. He likewise vowed to meet fans through “different exercises” in 2023.

G-Mythical beast’s fans, who are significantly comprised of veteran K-pop stans, were profoundly amped up for the rebound uncover.

Fans spout over G-Mythical beast as the BIGBANG rapper reports first independent music discharge following five years

G-Mythical serpent shut down hypotheses about his agreement recharging by in a roundabout way affirming that he will remain with YG Diversion for somewhat longer. He is the main BIGBANG part actually left in YGE, and the last update was of him examining a performance contract with the organization. On January 1, 2023, he chose to welcome fans with a shock and update them about his work.

In the video, the BIGBANG pioneer referenced that he didn’t get an adequate number of chances or exercises to speak with fans, in spite of the gathering delivering Still Life (the gathering’s first collection in quite a while) in 2022.

He likewise shared that he re-energized himself and rested well in the previous year. The icon then, at that point, educated fans regarding his subsequent stages, which incorporate delivering another collection and various different exercises in 2023.

Obviously, the Ruler of K-pop’s rebound news overwhelmed the being a fan. It was a gift that nobody expected except for is currently anticipating the most. The video’s title, Guerrilla Work area: G_Division additionally has fans confounded as they started pondering the importance behind the words.

Investigate how fans’ responded to the new collection discharge news:

More about the Ruler of K-pop, G-Mythical serpent
G-Winged serpent’s last independent music was delivered in 2017 with his self-named EP Kwon Ji Yong. The collection comprises of five tunes composed and made by the symbol himself, who wears various caps of a rapper, vocalist, musician, maker, business visionary, model, and style planner.

The BIGBANG pioneer signed up with the military in February 2018 and was released in October 2019. His noticeable quality as a main and history-production K-pop icon drove him to turn into the principal Korean performer to land a restrict with sports brand Nike.

As far as music, he teamed up with IU before his enrollment for the hit melody Range. After his release, the vocalist got some margin to settle once again into the business and delivered Still Existence with BIGBANG in 2022. He as of late delivered the front of Elvis Presley’s Can’t resist the urge to become hopelessly enamored and furthermore acquired monstrous acclaim from Baz Luhrmann.

After almost five years, G-Mythical beast’s return as a soloist to the K-pop industry is an achievement second for veteran K-pop stans. While new fans probably won’t be too knowledgeable with K-pop history, both BIGBANG and G-Winged serpent are viewed as one of the most conspicuous specialists to lead the Hallyu Wave across the globe.