The Level Up Season’s Finalists bond

The Live Expulsion Show shook the whole House again as Bella and Phyna’s lovers, Cool and Sheggz, alongside Hermes, left the Step Up House.

While Phyna and Bella were feeling much better to have come to the Finale, they were both apparently moved by the takeoff of their men.

The Housemates partitioned into gatherings to cheer them up and bond.

Phyna and Bella discussed Chichi’s personality, Phyna’s utilization of her Save and Supplant Blackball Power, and this evening’s Ousting.

Chichi was irritated by Bella’s remarks about her dance moves and foundation.

She brought it up in the nursery, and Bella attempted to eliminate any confusion; in any case, they couldn’t determine their disparities, and Chichi in the end pardoned herself from the discussion.

In the mean time, Adekunle, Bryann, and Daniella considered how they had gotten this far; a blissful Daniella wondered about the way that she had come to the Finale despite everything.

They addressed whether their assets and methodologies were the ones that got them to the end goal.

Chizzy and Adekunle, who were endeavoring to dole out new tasks to the Housemates, interfered with their discussion.

Daniella disregarded it, and the discussion finished with Rider Chizzy poking fun at eating the food of the Expelled Housemates.