The Osbourne Family Are Returning To Reality TV In New Series ‘Home To Roost’

The primary gathering of unscripted TV is planning to return to the little screen. As the Osbourne family prepares to move back to the United Kingdom, they are needing to report the adjustment of another docuseries named, Home to Roost.

Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack will be all around returning for the family’s new series.

“The series will follow the Osbournes as they recognize maybe of their most critical year yet – including Sharon’s 70th birthday festivity to Kelly’s imminent imagined youngster, Ozzy’s visit, and clearly the gigantic move itself,” the public assertion states.

The show will air on BBC One and iPlayer in the U.K. additionally, nuances on U.S. airings have not yet been announced.

This news comes 20 years after the family’s novel MTV series, The Osbournes, appeared and ran for four seasons on MTV. The show included Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne, while the most seasoned young lady, Aimee Osbourne, was never featured on the series.

“Rejoining the Osbournes as they return to the U.K. is a one of a kind opportunity. A long time back, they shaped TV for all of us – by and by they’re getting back at a substitute stage in their lives anyway with the responsibility of comparable chuckling, love and tears,” said Ben Wicks and Colin Barr, Creative Directors for Expectation. “We can scarcely keep down to work with them and to grant it to BBC One watchers in 2023.” Ozzy, 73, actually centered around his family’s decision to return to the U.K., refering to gun violence in the U.S. as their essential avocation behind leaving.

“Everything’s f**king ludicrous there. I’m worn out on people getting killed reliably. God knows the quantity of people that have been shot in demonstrations of mass brutality,” Ozzy told The Guardian of America. “Moreover, there was that mass shooting in Vegas at that show… It’s f**king crazy.”

He added, “I would prefer not to kick the pail in America.”

The Osbournes have recorded their Hancock Park manor for $18 million and are correct now working on rebuilds to their vital 350-part of land endowment in Buckinghamshire, known as Welders House.

Meanwhile, Ozzy actually told ET’s Matt Cohen that he’s so invigorated for his young lady, Kelly, to welcome her most important youngster.

“Kelly is huge and she’s great and I love it,” he communicated, sharing of his most noteworthy youngster present, “The central thing that I will buy is a mouthpiece.”