The Untold Story Of Valorant Gamer Subroza

The player Subroza has been with Team SoloMid, otherwise called TSM, since May 22, 2020. He momentarily played with the group mouseSpaz for a little throughout the month, from April 18, 2020, to May 22, 2020.

He began playing Valorant in 2020 and plays as one or the other Sky or Breach. The previous is an initiator class known for her capacities Regrowth and Trailblazer, signature capacity Guiding Light, and extreme Seekers, and the last option is likewise an initiator class known for his capacities Flashpoint and Aftershock, signature capacity Fault Line, and extreme Rolling Thunder.

He is one of the most outstanding players in the Valorant game, which is an allowed to-play first-individual shooter. The player was among quick to play the game and immediately became perhaps of the best player in the entire game.

Age: 25
Net Worth: $400,000
Profession: E-Sports
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Morrocan
Status: Active
Date of Birth: June 6, 1997
Place of Birth: Morocco
Games Played: CS:GO, Valorant
Years Active: 2015 – Present

What Is Subroza’s Real Name? The Valorant player Subroza’s genuine name is Yassine Taoufik, and he is of Canadian and Moroccan ethnicity.

The player was born on July 6, 1997, and is 25 years of age. He was born in Morroco yet right now lives in Canada in the wake of moving to the nation when he was five years of age.

Subroza’s unmistakable legacy and one of a kind name have made him an extraordinary piece of the game and the esports local area developed around it.

His most memorable name, “Yassine,” is one more name for the Prophet Muhammad, and his last name, Taoufik, implies fruitful or lucky in the Arabic language. His last name is fitting for his vocation.

He is one of 12 Moroccan players in the game close by the accompanying (in sequential request):

  • AntiBiotique
  • Cactuzio
  • Johnqt
  • Katti
  • Lemingon
  • Nivera
  • Psyc0
  • Rheat
  • ScreaM
  • ZODI4C

How Rich Is Subroza? The Valorant player Subroza has an expected total assets of $400,000.

As perhaps of the most famous and effective player in the game, it checks out why the player has amassed such a sizeable total assets.

Subroza has won $125,642 in prize cash from north of 95 competitions. He has won $99,077 from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and $33,565 from Valorant. Here is a rundown of his profit by year:

Year Total Earnings
2015 $40
2016 $8,670
2017 $26,476
2018 $27,175
2019 $17,489
2020 $38,190
2021 $6,100
2022 $1,200

Beyond his award cash profit, Subroza, an accomplice on Twitch, brings in cash from endorsers, notices, and gifts.

He likewise fits the bill for the 70/30 sub split, and that implies he keeps at least $3.50 for each month to month endorser. His ads equivalent $2 per 1000 perspectives for his streams.

Sources express that Subroza makes $5K to $10k each month.

Did Subroza Use To Play Counter-Strike? The Valorant player Subroza began his e-sports vocation playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He played the game from 2015 to 2020, where he assumed the part of the rifler. He resigned to zero in his endeavors on Valorant.

He was perhaps of the best player in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive e-brandishing local area and succeeded in on the web and disconnected matches.

He played ten matches all aggregate and completed first in four of them. Here is a breakdown of every one of his battles:

Date Placement Tier Type Prize Money
2016-8-14 1st C-Tier Offline $9,000
2016-11-23 5th A-Tier Online $15,000
2018-4-26 9th S-Tier Online $15,000
2018-7-1 1st B-Tier Offline $10,000
2018-8-26 3rd-4th A-Tier Offline $20,000
2018-10-28 1st C-Tier Offline $11,418
2018-11-18 3rd-4th A-Tier Offline $10,000
2018-12-6 7th-8th S-Tier Offline $24,000
2020-3-6 1st-2nd B-Tier Offline $16,000
2020-4-13 5th-6th S-Tier Offline/Online $35,000

As a rifler, Subroza really trusted his capacity to get programmed rifles and easily get eliminates with them. Thusly, his crosshair settings mirrored that job.

Here are Subroza’s crosshair Settings:

Style 4
Size 3
Thickness 1
Sniper 1
Gap -2
Outline Yes (Thickness 1)
Color Yellow (2)
Alpha 255

Here is Subroza’s equipment:

Mousepad ZOWIE G-SR
Monitor ZOWIE XL2546
Keyboard CORSAIR K65
Headset Sennheiser Game Zero

Talking about Subroza’s Monitor, here are the particulars:

Refresh Rate 240 Hz
In-Game Resolution 1280×800
Scaling Dark Bars

Talking about Subroza’s Mouse, here are the settings:

eDPI 700
DPI 800
Polling Rate 500 Hz
Sensitivity 0.875
Raw Input On

What Is Subroza’s Valorant Hardware? After he changed to Valorant, Subroza did a total rehaul of his stuff and began once again with another arrangement.

Keeping that in mind, he changed from the ZOWIE brand to the Logitech brand. Here is a glance at his total equipment:

Mouse Logitech G PRO Wireless
Mousepad Logitech G640
Monitor BENQ XL2540
Keyboard Logitech G PRO X (Red Switches)
Headset Logitech Pro X
GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090
CPU Intel Core i9-9900K

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What Are Subroza’s Crosshair Settings? As it is an alternate game, Subroza has changed his way to deal with his crosshair settings.

Here are his crosshair settings:

Color Red
Outlines On/0.715/1
Center Dot Off
Inner Lines 1/4/1/3
Outer Lines 0/0/0/0
Fade Off
Movement Off
Firing Error Off

He utilizes a basic crosshair without external lines or a middle dab to get an unhindered perspective on his objective.

The dividing is likewise impeccably adjusted with the goal that he can get wonderful accuracy. Since it is a customary in addition to molded crosshair, the player likewise gets a decent visual reference while pulling down his mean to make up for a weapon withdraw.

Ultimately, the red shade of his line of sight makes it, so he doesn’t lose it in a turbulent firefight.