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Thea Rogers used to work for George Osborne once. Presently, they are limited by a relationship ring. Clearly, Thea has changed the legislator into a spic and span man with a pristine storage room.

Thea Rogers’ age is 39 years of age. Thea Rogers’ Wikipedia isn’t accessible yet. She hails from the United Kingdom. Moreover, Thea Rogers’ identity is half-french. Be that as it may, restricted subtleties are uncovered about Roger Thea’s folks.

Thea Rogers is a previous Treasury assistant to George Osborne. She went to the esteemed Oxford University. Moreover, she graduated with a Modern Languages and Philosophy degree in 2003. Thea Rogers is set to be George Osborne spouse.

In May 2019, George declared that he was dating Thea. Quick forward to April 2021; the couple formally got drawn in with one another. Moreover, Thea is likewise pregnant with Geroge’s youngster and is expected this mid year.

Thea has a past filled with dating influential men previously. Before, her name was attached with government officials like Ameetpal Gill and James Purnell. Then again, George was recently hitched to Frances Howell for almost 21 years.

Thea Rogers work position is Vp of Global Comms and Policy division at Deliveroo. Thea additionally has experience working for the Treasury as Special Advisor and Chief of Staff. In like manner, she was utilized as a political manager for BBC once. Besides, her other eminent profession accomplishments remember filling in as Senior Producer for Newsnight.

As indicated by reports, Thea Rogers’ total assets is around $6.2 million USD with her life partner. Geroge Osborne is a government official, creator, and money manager. He filled in as an individual from Parliament from 2001 to 2017. Additionally, he is likewise a halfway proprietor of the texture and backdrop organization Osborne and Little.