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Thelma Cabrera, the previous official possibility for the ideological group, “Development for the Liberation of Peoples,” is standing out enough to be noticed on Twitter after she says she upholds the public strike.

Thelma Cabrera is a lawmaker who is additionally a common liberties protector for the native individuals of Maya Mam. In 2019, she got chosen as the possibility for leader of Guatemala. Her ideological group name is Movement for the Liberation of Peoples.

Thelma Cabrera was born in a Campesino family and raised on the west shoreline of Guatemala in El Asintal town. She got hitched at the early age of 15 and consumed her wedded time on earth reaping espresso.

Thelma Cabrera turned out to be more recognizable on Twitter after she began supporting the public strike in the declination of the alleged “Appointive Fraud” and for the “Transient Asylum Agreement.”

Her video was tweeted on Twitter by the @EmisorasUnidas that distribute news data from Guatemala and the world. Her tweeted recordings have over 34.9K perspectives till now.

She has her Twitter account @ThelmaCabreraP2 with 3.05K adherents.

Thelma Cabrera is an individual from the Peasant Development Committee, a dissident.

The panel is known as Comite de Desarrollo Campesino (CODECA) in Spanish works for common liberties for development of the circumstance of Guatemala’s destitute individuals.

Cabrera was the delegate of the Movement for the Liberation of Peoples known as Movimiento para la Liberacion de Los Pueblos (MLP), the recently shaped party of CODECA. She was the official possibility for the party yet lost the political decision eventually.

Thelma Carera was born on 21 September 1970. She is 50 years of age and has a zodiac indication of Virgo. Cabrera likewise communicates in Spanish as her subsequent language. She was from a Campesino family.

She used to work with her mom and sister in espresso collecting. The point by point data about her family isn’t accessible right now.

Thelma Cabrera is the second native individual who was the official competitor. Thelma Cabrera’s total assets isn’t accessible to the general population yet.

In spite of the fact that she has stood firm for the native local area of Guatemala that upon Maya Mam native, her own life data is inaccessible to general society. She is a safeguard of Human Rights and Indigenous People’s Rights. She has been a protector for more than a quarter century.