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Occupants of Phoenix, Arizona, are in shock and frightfulness following the shooting of a teen drive-through joint representative on Thursday. The shooting happened at Wendy’s at the intersection of nineteenth and Glendale roads at 8 am. 27-Years-Old Theotis Polk Phoenix AZ Mugshot Details 27-year-old Theotis Polk was the shooter in Wendy’s shooting.

In spite of the fact that there are no mugshots from the crime location, there are recordings from the occurrence. The video contained clasps of the casualty on a cot with swathes folded over his head.

As indicated by the specialists, a client, recognized by police as Theotis Polk, and a representative had a warmed contention at the drive-through window over a request.

Furthermore following that, Polk walked around to the drive-through glass, pulled a firearm, and started firing. He then, at that point, entered the vehicle through the secondary lounge and left the premises.

While actually, the respondent, Brian Durham Jr, was then taken to the medical clinic for therapy of horrible difficulties. Brian Durham Jr. Shooting Suspect Arrested Reports say that the police captured a suspect in the Brian Durham Jr. shooting case on Friday.

The supposed shooter is unquestionably Theotis Polk. So it’s something positive that the wrongdoer was caught inside a day. Notwithstanding, Investigators didn’t indicate how or where Polk was captured. Theotis is currently dealing with six indictments, one of which is attack with a deadly weapon.

Who Is Theotis Polk, Where Is he From? Official specialists have not yet delivered any information connected with Theotis Polk. In this way, it is difficult to where he is initially from. Nonetheless, considering that the episode happened in Pheonix, almost certainly, the Polk is from the area.

The authorities will before long give a report on this case in light of the fact that general society is keen on diving more deeply into it. Thus, when the update is free, we will try to send it to you. In the mean time, Polk’s bond has been set at $500,000 while he allures his next court appearance on Friday.