‘This is heartbreaking,’ say celebrities in response to the story of a father who beat his 2-month-old son for disturbing his sleep, breaking the baby’s arm and forcing amputation.


Nigerian big names have responded in different ways to the upsetting story of a dad purportedly pounding his 2-month-old child, Supernatural occurrence, with a holder in Imo for upsetting his rest.

Thus, the child’s arm was broken, requiring removal.


On that note, the Public Common liberties Commission (NHRC) and the Imo State part of the Nigeria Relationship of Ladies Writers (NAWOJ) asked the Imo State government and the Nigeria Police Power to capture and indict the culprit, Mr Certainty Amatobi right away.

Mr Amatobi is blamed for attacking Marvel with a plastic holder and breaking the child’s arm for upsetting his rest.

The broke arm was excised at the Government Clinical Center, FMC Owerri’s Pediatrics ward, because of the occurrence.

The NAWOJ, the NHRC, and the mother of child Wonder settled on a decision for equity in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

Dr Dorothy Nnaji, Imo State Director of NAWOJ, affirmed to newsmen subsequent to visiting the severed kid at the Government Clinical Center (FMC) Owerri that the injury caused by the 31-year-old dad, a local of Amurie in the state’s Isu LGA, brought about the removal of the young man’s right hand.

Mrs Nnaji, who grimaced at Mr Amatobi’s terrible savagery, communicated shock that a dad could attack his blameless youngster essentially on the grounds that he was crying and upsetting his rest.

She uncovered that Mr Amatobi was blamed for more than once stirring things up around town with a plastic holder to stop him crying until his right hand broke.

“The culprit, Mr. Certainty Amatobi, of Amurie in Isu L.G.A, utilized a plastic holder on the child since he was crying, and the 20-year-old mother left to ease herself.” When he saw the child’s hand was broken and enlarged, he attached it with wood and flexible groups,” Mrs Nnaji made sense of.

“He secured the mother and child to keep her from addressing neighbors or looking for help.” He additionally removed her telephone. She got herself out following two days and looked for help from her neighbors. A vigilante captured the man, however he got away. The child’s hand had rotted when help showed up. The main choice was to sever Marvel’s right hand.

Entertainer Chitaoxe1 answered this by expressing, “Tufiakwa..Chineke ekwela ihe ojoo.”

Lillian Esoro expressed, “My heart hurts, and I’m speechless.” How? For what reason does God exist? What is the area of this lady, and how might she be reached? If it’s not too much trouble. I’m feeling wiped out to my stomach. Golly.

Na this multitude of kind nitwits a few ladies dey regard, t he man who gives some of them paradise on earth is a wimp in their eyes. Seyi Regulation composed.

I was unable to keep down my tears, Tomi Odunsi composed.

This is inconceivable and unfortunate, Certain individuals essentially don’t merit God’s endowments. Leniency Macjoe composed.