“This is outrageous!” – Twitter reacts as federal prosecutors refuse to pursue charges in Shanquella Robinson’s death


On Wednesday, April 12, Government Examiners reported that they won’t seek after charges connected with Shanquella Robinson, a North Carolina occupant who died while holiday in Mexico in October 2022. As per ABC, Shanquella Robinson was found dead after she was purportedly beaten by one more lady in a lodging in San Jose Del Cabo, while her colleagues probably recorded the occurrences.

Her colleague at first asserted that she had died of liquor harming, yet a dissection report later uncovered that her body gave indications of injury on her neck and spine.


ABC detailed that government examiners won’t seek after the charges as there was a disparity between the underlying examination in Mexico and the dissection directed by American authorities.

They noticed that this was somewhat because of a deferral by US authorities in exploring the case, which makes arraignment undeniably more outlandish.

In light of the declaration by government examiners, numerous netizens asserted that they didn’t focus on the case on the grounds that Shanquella Robinson is an African American.

They guaranteed that it was an obvious indicator of bigotry, and that specialists would act quickly in facing the killings of white Americans in Mexico.

This was steady with the claims made by Robinson’s family lawyers, Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson.

“These errors can be credited to the defer in examination by U.S. authorities, who directed a subsequent dissection once Shanquella’s body was preserved. At the point when an examination is deferred, the hard proof to help arraignment reduces, however for this situation, that is because of the U.S. not believing this case to be a high need.”

Another netizen, Masterllc, noticed that the issue might be regulatory, instead of race-related. He expressed that since the homicide occurred in Mexico, American authorities will most likely be unable to direct a legitimate examination.

This case, notwithstanding, was rubbished by articulations made by lawyer Sue-Ann Robinson. That’s what she said, as demonstrated by the video, the essential suspect in the killing of Shanquella Robinson was one more American with no realized cartel joins.

Robinson guaranteed that it is clear a US resident carried out a homicide abroad, prior to getting back without really any danger of indictment.

She said:

“It will take more than the nearby FBI field office in Charlotte, with all due regard to practically everything that they do. Heads of state need to converse with heads of state.”