“This Is Us” Introduces Marcus Brooks As A New Character, Is He Going To Be Deja’s New Boyfriend On The Show?


Watchers felt that Marcus Brooks would be Deja’s new sweetheart as she reported her pregnancy. However, their thought broke after Malik was uncovered to be her accomplice.

Simultaneously, individuals are additionally thinking about which job will he play in the series. Yet, as the episode unfurled, it appeared to be the Pearson had an old association with the Brooks.


Who Is Marcus Brooks On This Is Us? Marcus Brooks is a youthful logical specialist on This is Us. While his effect on the Pearson family isn’t a lot, his dad was some way or another connected with Jack.

Streams’ family had been in a mishap in 1998, when the house fire occurred. One of Brooks’ children, Marcus, experienced a physical issue a mishap, and he was taken to the clinic for medical procedure.

While the family hangs tight for his treatment, Marcus’ dad meets Jack in the clinic. Furthermore, there to give him a much needed boost, Jack enlightens Marcus’ dad regarding Dr. K’s insight of becoming lemons into lemonade. Furthermore, this in the end turns into the Brooks family’s witticism.

Furthermore, around then, Marcus’ life was saved when Jack took his final gasp subsequent to experiencing a heart failure.

By and by, Marcus utilizes a stick and is investigating on tracking down medications to treat malignant growth. Yet, incidentally, he might have made a potential remedy for Alzheimer’s, according to Elite day to day.

Is Marcus Brooks Going To Be Deja’s New Boyfriend On The Show? Watchers imagine that Marcus Brooks will be Deja’s new sweetheart on the show. Be that as it may, it ends up being misleading theory.

However, this talk was made by how the episode was shown. After Deja uncovers her pregnancy to Randall and discusses how her accomplice is concentrating on medication, and he is continuously working, the scene then, at that point, moves to a young fellow named Marcus.

It shows that he was burning the midnight oil around evening time in a lab to foster a malignant growth treatment. This caused a misconception among the watchers that they could be Deja’s sweetheart.

Nonetheless, in another scene, Malik is uncovered as Deja’s sweetheart after a short time. Subsequent to accepting her text declaring her pregnancy, he got back home, expressing he had adored her since he was 16 and proposed to her.