“Those prices are extortion”: Lindsey Lucid fox tattoo gate TikTok drama explored as thread goes viral

Canada based tattoo craftsman Lindsay Joseph is experiencing harsh criticism across the web at charging indecent costs for her plans at her studio Clear Tattoos. As of late, a frustrated client took to the web to share how much the proprietor was charging for her discussions and drawing. Netizens were paralyzed to hear the silly sums. The contention has since been named as “tattoo gate” on TikTok.

The show started with TikTok client @running_mom_of_boys started imparting subtleties of her arrangements to Joseph. It was uncovered that the last option was charging almost $200 for an interview and charging preposterous costs for the plans.


Twitter client @diannaeanderson shared that the least expensive plan one could get from Joseph was $1500 and clients were permitted to roll out one minor improvement for the creation. The subsequent choice was an installment of $3500 for the plan where one could roll out two idea improvements and a couple of different changes. The last choice was an installment of $6000 which would permit the client to get different portrayals and diversions.

It is critical to take note of that the previously mentioned costs were to be paid even before the client got on the tattoo seat, which would imply that one more heavy installment was coming.

The TikToker shared that she mentioned for a specific tattoo plan with particulars, but Joseph didn’t satisfy her needs. After the studio proprietor was informed something very similar, she charged the distinction of the plans she had introduced to the TikToker which would add up to $2260.

Web clients were shocked by the craftsman’s costs and felt thoughtful towards the TikToker. Many considered the business a “trick.” A couple of responses to the discussion read:

Since accumulating tremendous backfire on the web, Lindsay has transformed her Instagram account into private. She has amassed almost 6500 devotees on the virtual entertainment stage. Her Google audits which had gathered a few negative surveys were likewise brought down. Netizens guarantee that she was behind something very similar.

In the mean time, other disheartened clients additionally approached uncovering that Joseph had likewise requested ridiculous sums for her meeting. TikTok client @ririality amassed north of 2,000,000 perspectives subsequent to imparting her experience to Joseph. She uncovered she was misled out of $4000 from her gatherings with Joseph.

It was additionally uncovered that at one occasion Joseph called the police on the TikToker and endeavored to boycott her from a few studios. Joseph additionally apparently doxxed the TikToker by disclosing her vehicle number and individual data.

A few other TikTokers likewise approached to uncover Joseph’s tricks. TikTok client @ughhhh_x exploded on the video sharing stage subsequent to sharing broad exploration on the craftsman. She shared Joseph’s foul principles and strategies on her TikTok account and furthermore Joseph’s “cheeky” reaction to a negative survey.

At the hour of composing this article, Lindsay Joseph had not openly answered the kickback. The contention had prompted a few others approaching and sharing their own shocking tales with regards to getting inked too.