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Tiffany Bowen’s then-life partner Eddie Charles had been remaining with her when he submitted the triple manslaughter. He killed his dad Edward Charles III, his mom Dolores Charles, and his kin Danny Charles.

The thought process of killing his family and putting them inside a vehicle and setting the vehicle up in fire could be filled by apparent parental affronts, for example, their refusal to give him $50,000 to purchase a corner store and their hatred for his then-fiancee, Tiffany Bowen as indicated by Los Angeles Times.

Allow us to get familiar with Tiffany Bowen and investigate her age and guardians.

Entertainer Tiffany Bowen is most popular for her appearance in Baywatch and was additionally the life partner of Eddie Charles.

She was likewise an undergrad at the hour of the episode, yet data about her inclusion in the homicide isn’t clear yet.

Bowen’s own life has not risen to the top at this point as she has not showed up on the web or imparted anything to the overall population at this point.

In any case, we do realize Eddie’s folks didn’t care for her and thought about her not being deserving of their regard and individual from the family as indicated by Los Angeles Times.

Eddie Charles was sentenced for homicide and is as of now living waiting for capital punishment.

He was captured on doubt of killing his dad, mother, and more youthful brother on November 10, 1994, as indicated by Oxygen.

Charles was sentenced for one first-degree murder and two includes of second-degree murder in January 1996. His granddad argued for Eddie to stay away from capital punishment however the endeavor fizzled.

Curiously, he had contrived to kill his granddad Severino, his mom’s dad, while he was inside jail however the assassin he had employed to play out the undertaking wound up being a secret investigator.

Eddie’s capital punishment was maintained by California Supreme Court back in 2015 and he is carrying on with his life waiting for capital punishment at this point.

Tiffany Bowen’s age could be around 45-50 years starting at 2021.

Nonetheless, her real age or her date of birth has not risen to the top yet. She has remained genuinely away from the web and public space after the occurrence.

Bowen’s then-life partner Eddie’s age is 49 years of age starting at 2021, he was 22 years of age when he submitted the triple homicide back in the year 1994.

Tiffany’s mom’s name is Jeane Bowen, she lived with her mom and Eddie additionally was living with them at that point.

In any case, data about Bowen’s dad has not risen to the top at this point.