Tik Tok star Peter Komba’s brother died: What happened to Lanzey Komba? Cause of death Explained

Tik Tok star Peter Komba’s brother, Lanzey Komba has died. How about we find out What befell Lanzey Komba and Lanzey Komba reason for death exhaustively.

What has been going on with Lanzey Komba? Peter Komba, a notable virtual entertainment powerhouse and one of Sierra Leone’s most eminent Tik-tokers, is said to have lost his more established brother today in Freetown.


The more established brother of Peter Komba, Lanzey Komba, supposedly died startlingly toward the beginning of today, Tuesday, January 17, 2023, while getting treatment in the emergency clinic yesterday.

The Tik-Tok big name posted a tragedy emoticon on Instagram to affirm the data.

Lanzey Komba reason for death We’re sorry to need to illuminate you that Lanzey Komba has died.

As per reports, Lanzey Komba, the more established brother of Peter Komba, was purportedly going through treatment in the clinic yesterday, yet he startlingly died.

Lanzey Komba was viewed as having a cordial character. Many individuals should be interested to know the Sebastian Trimble reason for death considering the new news.

The exact Lanzey Komba reason for death hasn’t been uncovered, yet. When we figure out more data, we’ll refresh this story.

Who was Lanzey Komba? Lanzey Komba was the senior brother of Famous Tik-Tok star Peter Komba.

The one who went by the nickname Focal point Komba was hitched to Sai Focal point Dann Komba, and the two were honored with a wonderful youngster and an unborn second kid.

One of the most famous Sierra Leonean Tik-Tok stars is Peter Umar Komba, otherwise called Peter A. A. Komba. He is a content engineer from Sierra Leone. As a Tik-Tok Minister, Peter has gotten acknowledgment for his commitment to delivering a large number of engaging content by acting, moving, and doing plays. Peter A.A. Komba uncovered that his sister acquainted him with the Tik-Tok stage and that Tik-Tok plays had a huge impact in his life, in a meeting with Salone Courier Media about his work and wellsprings of motivation.

Accolades for Lanzey Komba Many individuals communicated their significant feelings to his family and communicated the amount they cherished him.

Hannah composed, “Famous tik tok star peter komba misfortune e senior brother ( lanzey Komba) tday. My sympathies to peter and the whole family. Rest well broda man”

Idrissia Remarked, “May his only find happiness in the hereafter.”

Jackie Jenkins Remarked, “Find happiness in the hereafter senior komba”

Quite possibly of the most terrible thing anybody can carry on with in life is losing a friend or family member. Any excursion should have an objective toward the end. The individual’s lifespan has deplorably reached a conclusion since they have died.

We wish him timeless harmony and send our contemplations and petitions to his friends and family, family, companions. May he find happiness in the hereafter.

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