TikTok Cyan Boujee Accident Update: What Happened To Her? Is She Pregnant Now? Husband And Baby

Individuals are addressing Cyan Boujee mishap after she is blamed for allowing her companion to die in an auto collision.

How about we get bits of knowledge into Cyan Boujee’s mishap and what has been going on with her from this article. Cyan Boujee is a notable South African business visionary, giver, force to be reckoned with, content engineer, and YouTuber. Boujee is eminent for making outwardly engaging and engaging recordings.


Boujee’s TikTok account regularly has recordings of her moving and lip-matching up. Cyan has made extraordinary progress in her work as a creator of entertaining material in the past couple of years. Cyan has a sizable fan base that follows her on the entirety of her virtual entertainment stages.

She as of late got into a showdown with her sweetheart Bamzy Wealth, which stood out as truly newsworthy in the media. Moreover, Cyan stood out as truly newsworthy in the media in 2021 when she had a mishap with her companion. In any case, her companion guarantees that Cyan attempted to forfeit her in the mishap.

Cyan Boujee mishap started a great deal of interrogating including concerning her pregnancy. Get refreshes on the Cyan Boujee mishap case and pregnancy update.

TikTok Cyan Boujee Mishap Update: What has been going on with Her? Cyan Boujee, a YouTuber, Instagram powerhouse, and cosmetics craftsman, had a horrendous mishap with her companion in 2021. Notwithstanding, maybe Cyan faked the entire thing when Karabo blamed Cyan for leaving her after the two got into a mishap.

On her YouTube channel, Karabo, likewise referred to online as Lady Spura, depicted the occasions of her and Cyan Boujee mishap.

As per reports, Cyan escaped the site of the crash and proceeded to the occasion they were joining in, leaving her friend in basic condition. At the point when Cyan showed up at the occasion, she posted pictures of beverages for content reasons just, yet she likewise labeled her companion Karabo to cause it to seem like they were both in the occasion.

Individuals on Twitter accepted she was attempting to forfeit her pal since she endure the crash sound and later stated, “There’s continuously going to be something to celebrate,” in one of her posts. After all that she has accomplished for Karabo, Cyan has answered these allegations by expressing that she could never follow through with something like that to somebody she thought about a dear companion.

Is Cyan Boujee Pregnant At this point? No, Cyan Boujee’s pregnancy bits of gossip are phony. In any case, there were reports on the web that Cyan faked a pregnancy and was coercing Kagiso Lerutla, who is accepted to be Doro Mongy’s brother.

Doro Mongy is remembered to have designated Cyan Boujee in a fury on Instagram. She illuminated her that a DNA test was expected to lay out the child’s paternity. Also, she encouraged her to recognize that he had continued on and found another person. Cyan denied truly endeavoring to manufacture any pregnancy in an explanation she delivered in May 2022.

Cyan said she needed to have a child with Bamzy wealth and that she likewise became pregnant. In any case, unfortunately, they lost their child recently. Boujee likewise denies truly claiming to be a child’s Dad or being locked in with any other person. Furthermore, before that, she was not pregnant. Likewise, she hasn’t even undermined anybody with cash.

Cyan mentioned isolation to handle her misfortune since she hadn’t completely recuperated from the shock.

Tiktok: Cyan Boujee Spouse And Child Cyan Boujee is unmarried as of September 2022. Thus, Boujee doesn’t have a child too.

Yet, Boujee is supposed to date Bamzy Wealth, an Afrobeats artist from Nigeria. Cyan and Boujee likewise endeavored to have a child, yet the couple lost their child during the pregnancy.

Moreover, Cyan was supposed to be seeing DJ Maphorisa. In any case, when she discovered that Maphorisa was seeing the two of them, she and Beverly Thlako got into a warmed contention via online entertainment. In a video and pictures presented on her Tik Tok account, Cyan portrays how her previous mate abused her.

Cyan knows that numerous young ladies choose to stop their associations with beaus who have hurt them.

She went on by enumerating how a mirror in her delightful face hurt her. In any case, Cyan went to bat for herself and finished things with her ex.