TikTok Karen Amy Wood News Anchor Daughter Gracie Wood – Watch The Racist Video


Amy Wood is an Emmy Award-winning evening anchor for WSPA-TV in Greenville, South Carolina, where she has “7 News at 6” and “7 News at 7,” just as “Carolina’s Family at 4.”

Amy was named Anchor of the Year by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association in 2016. She has additionally been an individual from WSPA for more than thirty years.


On her Instagram live, she gives every day Alexa refreshes, just as digital broadcasts on 10 stages and a daily 7 News Nuggetmini report. Furthermore, on weeknights during “7 News at 7” on Facebook Live, you can watch Amy’s in the background video.

Amy Wood News Anchor Daughter Gracie Wood-Racist Video A TikTok client named @auntkaren0 as of late reacted to a video of Amy Wood News anchor’s little girl Gracie Wood giving a discourse in which she yells saying kills everybody in Africa.

Individuals are offering disdainful remarks because of such remarks. They guarantee that the little girl of one of the TV secures made a bigot, homophobic, and bigoted video.

Amy is additionally hitched to Mike Wood, who is an awesome man. On April 22, 1995, the couple wedded. Brianna, Gracie, and Jami are several’s three girls. Amy lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with her family.

Amy Wood’s Nazi tweets Viral Video Following the viral video of anchor Amy Wood’s little girl, Gracy Wood, she has gotten a blast of negative criticism. Some have offered overly critical comments concerning how she raised her little girl and have pointed fingers at her life as a parent.

Amy Wood Net Worth And Salary Amy Wood is assessed to have a total assets of $2 million. She has almost thirty years of ability as an expert, grant winning TV columnist.

She additionally works for WSPA-TV 7 as a first class and confided in experienced anchor for the channel. Therefore, Amy verifiably earns enough to pay the rent. She makes a yearly pay of $89,560 by and large.