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Timothy was a young understudy from Timberview High School in the Mansfield Independent School District. He has a criminal record in the police division of a destructive shooting on October 6, 2021.

The shooting happened in October 2021 inside the school premises that harmed three, two understudies, and an instructor. According to the web-based sources, Timothy was sitting inside the class when another understudy, Zacchaeus Selby, 15, strolled in and began to battle with him.

In the mayhem, educators went to break the battle, and Selby was in charge, yet Simpkins furiously proceeded to take out a firearm from his knapsack.

By and by, Timothy was annihilated sometime thereafter by paying an obligation of $75k bail. Timothy is a teen understudy from a prestigious Arlington School. He was 18 years old around then.

Going to his identity, he is of Afro-American ethnic gatherings.

As indicated by New York Post, Timothy started shooting in Arlington school on October 6, 2021, and harmed three, two understudies, and an instructor.

Moreover, Simpkins was delivered on $75k abandon the following day. It was absurd. How should be the school organization become so reckless? Rather than having books in a sack, there is a firearm stacked with shots.

He purportedly shot a 15-year-old understudy Zacchaeus Selby, one more understudy brushed by a projectile, and a Calvin Pettitt, 25, shot when he went to stop the battle.

No, Timothy comes up short on a Wikipedia page as he isn’t a big name. Notwithstanding, we can get his short bio on a few sensationalist newspapers. Likewise, Timothy is living calmly with his family, reports affirmed.

There is gossip that Timothy was pestered and tormented by the understudies from the start. His family and family members said in an assertion. Timothy was accused of three irritated attacks with a weapon on October 2021. He was liberated on the obligation of $75k.

The most essential part is that netizens are contrasting the situation of Kyle Rittenhouse and Timothy Simpkins now. How did Kyle face jail time, delayed preliminaries and court hearings, and in particular, face mental injury? Then again, Timothy shot three individuals inside the school and harmed them, got bail simply in a day. For what reason is the favoritism?