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Timothy Vail is a sentenced criminal and jail detainee. He is overwhelmingly known for his jail breakout story that was covered by the hit series “Breakout.” He alongside his accomplice Timothy Morgan had gotten away from the Elmira Prison in New York in 2003.

The tales of their violations and later their jail escape is still new among the New Yorkers. Timothy Vail, the scandalous Elmira Prison prisoner is as yet in prison. However he has been eliminated from Elmira Prison, he is presently housed in a greatest security jail in California.


His new sentence was forced in 2004 where he would be housed with next to no accomplice in his prison cell for a very long time. Vail’s departure accomplice Morgan was additionally condemned to something very similar.

In the two’s new sentences, their wrongdoings of getting away from Elmira Prison likewise bent over their spending time in jail. The specific date of Vail’s delivery from jail is as yet under audit.

Timothy Vail was a nation fellow until he moved to the city to concentrate on expressive arts. He was born in Sacramento in 1972 and was exceptionally near his dad. His dad was a technician who died because of normal causes when he was just ten years of age.

In this manner, Vail and his mom moved to the field just to get back to the city for higher studies. Subsequent to completing his studies, Vail needed to return to the open country.

During his visit in the city, he arbitrarily went inside an office block and sneaked about the papers. At the point when the secretary showed up, Vail assaulted her and later killed her. In addition, the secretary was pregnant.

Vail was condemned to 30 years in jail at Elmira from where she got away subsequent to residing there for a long time. His getaway story has been responded by the series “Breakout.” Meanwhile, any video of the occurrence isn’t in plain view.

In like manner, his story never neglects to delight the watchers because of his inventiveness in the getaway plan and his newly discovered fellowship with Timothy. Later the two had gotten away, Vail was harmed yet Timothy didn’t walk out on him and the two were again looked up some other time.