Tina Maze Boyfriend Andrea Massi Coached Her In Alpine Skiing

Tina Labyrinth sweetheart Andrea Massi is a ski mentor who assisted Labyrinth with winning the World Cup goliath slalom in 2012. Massi and Labyrinth have one child.

Slovenian snow capped skier Tina is a previous World Cup contender. The couple are dating since October 20, 2012.


With four Olympic decorations and four world titles, Labyrinth declared her retirement in 2015. She is as yet perceived as a top competitor from Slovenia who scored a record guide complete toward guarantee the FIS huge precious stone globe.

Tina Labyrinth beau Andrea Massi is a head skiing trainer and the head of the group called Group to Stun.

Before Group to Stun, Labyrinth prepared with the public ski group, however she later chose to cooperate with Massi. Because of this choice, Labyrinth’s profession steered an enormous positive development.

Labyrinth likewise won two goliath slalom races in the 2009 Elevated Skiing World Cup, one in Maribor, Slovenia, and the other in Sweden.

In the 2010 season, Massi likewise helped Labyrinth in a goliath slalom triumph and completed second in both the slalom and monster slalom. Labyrinth had fifteen top-10 completions in that season and came in fourth by and large. Again, she came in third spot in the goliath slalom rankings.

In 2012, Massi assisted Labyrinth with winning an elevated ski, ladies’ Reality Cup goliath slalom, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Despite the fact that Tina had one more mentor in group Astonish, working with Massi was more agreeable for her.

Labyrinth and Massi were additionally together for her record-breaking season in 2013. The season went all-time #1 for the ski star, who came out on top in 11 races and counted a record number of 2414 World Cup focuses. Tina and Andrea have been sincerely connected since October 20, 2012.

Several offers a huge age hole. In 2022, Labyrinth will be 39 years of age, with her birthday commended on May 2. Simultaneously, Massi turned 54 years this year. Regardless of a few observable years old contrast, several has figured out how to accomplice as a mentor and an understudy.

Andrea was born in Gorizia, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. He is a previous Liceo Scientifico Duca Degli Abruzzi understudy at the Istituto Universitario di Scienze Motorie. A researcher of Actual Training, Massi was the best decision for Tina to succeed in her ski profession.

Labyrinth has imparted a lot of pictures to Andrea, who is a piece individual in his way of life. In one of his meetings, he has shown fulfillment with Tina’s general presentation.

Massi has said about his accomplice: “I’m persuaded that what Tina is doing is significant for your nation, and we should let Slovenians know that her victories are an incredible tale of a little country conquering the big ones.”

On November 17, 2022, the pair showed up at the Fundacija Miroslava Cerarja. They were wonderfully wearing dull hued dresses. While in the subtitle, Labyrinth composed a unique because of her accomplice for her great ski profession. She likewise said thanks to Rok Čibej for her delightful outfit for the afternoon and Tjaša for her adornments.

Tina and Andrea declared they were expecting a kid together in November 2017.

The couple had shared a photograph of them on Instagram, where Labyrinth was sitting in a swing and Massi was at the highest point of a tree. After 90 days, Labyrinth brought forth her most memorable child young lady. Starting around 2022, Labyrinth’s little girl, Anouk, is four years of age.

As a mother, Tina posts a ton of photos of her girl. Despite the fact that, her photos presently can’t seem to uncover Anouk’s face. During her girl’s new birthday, Labyrinth posted a photograph of Anouk with skis.

On July 4, 2022, the ski genius posted a photograph of her family with the Leader of Slovenia. In the subtitle, she expressed gratitude toward Borut Pahor for advancing kinship among Slovenia and Switzerland and for supporting the ski.

Tina shared about her family from her Instagram handle @tinamaze83. The Olympic gold medalist has a sum of 180 thousand devotees for her.