Tina Weirather Husband Fabio Nay Is A Radio Personality From Zurich

Tina Weirather spouse Fabio Nay is a radio character from Zurich in Switzerland. Tina and Fabio got hitched in 2022.

They disclosed their relationship by means of joint posting on Instagram following five years of dating in 2022. Fabio turned into an accomplice in an organization creating on the web content across all structures; before that, he used to be a radio moderator.


Tina is a skier from the little nation of Liechtenstein, with a populace under 38,000. Tina hails from an Olympic family who have gotten each of the nine Olympic decorations the nation has at any point won. Tina Weirather spouse Fabio Nay works with Live Fabrik Radio in Zurich.

Nay has been related with Live Fabrik Zurik since December 2019. Live Fabrik is a Zurich-based radio that has some expertise in creating content that feels normal and engaging at the same time. Fabrik produces content that has profundity while keeping an expert touch.

Fabio was born in January 1989 in the pleasant town of Graubünden, Trimmis. The 33-year-old has consistently shown strong fascination with having a lifelong in Radio. His radio vocation returns to his secondary school days. While still in school, he directed a young program on Radio Southeast of Switzerland, known as “Radio Grischa.”

The Radio station personality’s institute of matriculation is the College of Bern. There he studied political theory and financial matters. In the wake of finishing his temporary position at Grischa, he was recruited to work there. He worked created and directed sports programs there.

In the wake of accepting his college degree from Bern, he moved his profession to Radio SRF, where he was one of three glass confine mediators who aided gathering pledges. Indeed, even subsequent to being achieved in his vocation, Nay feels that his name isn’t reasonable for calling.

Tina and Fabio wedded following five years of dating at a wedding at the Lodging Gorfion, a ski resort in Malbun.

They strolled down the passageway on September 16, 2022. The setting for their wedding was grand as it very well may be in Chur, which is known for its pleasant towns encircled naturally kindness of The Alps.

The narrative of how this radio moderator and competitor got together is captivating at their wedding. Before they began dating, the ex-ski star thought every one of the heroes were taken.

Liechtenstein’s star saw a report on television about a man, working in Radio, going for monster slalom, a skiing beginner. Tina promptly took upon Instagram and slid in Fabio’s DM, which she had never finished. In any case, as the stars would have it, Nay likewise had recently sent her a DM fanboying over her extraordinary preparation video.

After that DM trade, the couple consented to a first date, which, as you speculated, was a ski date at Movies Laax. The pair immediately hit off with their science.

Both review being anxious about gathering one another and feeling a little wary about one another. Tina thought about what she would do in the event that he went out to a blockhead while getting him from the train station at Sargans.

The couple chose to have it delayed with their relationship, and they met each other’s families in the late spring of 2017. Fabio had the option to charm Tina’s Olympics force to be reckoned with of the family by geeking about his adoration for planes which the Weirathers shared. Tina noted in a meeting with Schweizer Illustrierte that her folks and brother were quickly extremely attached to Fabio.

The pre-marriage ceremony was a personal function with just loved ones. Ex-ski star and the radio character booked the entire lodging for their wedding, and visitors remained the evening. The morning after the wedding was followed with early lunch joined by unrecorded music, and everybody enhanced conventional outfits, dirndls, and lederhosen.

The recently married team have said that despite the fact that they’re people of note in Europe, they like the obscurity; they appreciate sushi in Zurich without being upset.

The pair discussed what their future could hold down the line. Fabio needs to have his little bungalow on a slope where they can ski. His other half needs to lease better places to go skiing as opposed to making due with one. Mr. and Mrs. Nay have shared a typical preferring of one having their practices, as perhaps eating cordon bleu each New Year.