TN govt on alert over smuggling of ration rice to Kerala


Chennai, Sep 12 (IANS) Tamil Nadu Police are on a full alert over pirating of proportion rice to Kerala.
An extraordinary group of Civil Supplies Crime Detachment (CD) unit of Madurai held onto 15 tons of PDS rice on Sunday while it was being pirated to Kerala.

The truck conveying the rice was interfered with by the CD unit at Koppalur cost court and 300 packs of Public circulation framework (PDS) rice was being moved illicitly to Kerala. Each pack weighed 50 kg.

The Civil supplies division authorities said the rice that is provided free in the state is being obtained by mediators who choose specialists across the state and transport it illicitly to Kerala.

A senior official of the common supplies branch of Tamil Nadu let IANS know that in Kerala the rice is offered to rice factories at a greater cost. The Civil Supplies branch of Tamil Nadu has delegated a few flying crews to attempt to forestall the pirating of rice to the adjoining state as it was intended for utilization of the proportion card holders of Tamil Nadu.

Nagercoil, Theni and the Walayar regions are the most defenseless checkposts on the TN-Kerala line.

Sources in the Civil Supplies division let IANS know that the office has proactively informed the police to be essential for the joint hunt activity to forestall rice pirating from the state.

As indicated by the Civil Supplies division, the rice that is given from the apportion shops of Tamil Nadu is of a lot more excellent which was making coordinated posses to carry it to the adjoining state.

During the new Onam celebrations, apportion rice in huge amounts was pirated out to Kerala.

In Kerala, a coordinated organization was working which takes the rice to the rice processes securely. As of late in the Walayar region in Kerala, two neighborhood CPI-M pioneers were captured by the Kerala Police for helping and abetting in the pirating of rice.