Toke Makinwa Calls Out South Africa Embassy For Failing To Return Her Passport

Toke Makinwa, a well known OAP, has gone to web-based entertainment to reprimand the South African Consulate in Lagos openly.

The media superstar expressed that the consulate had would not return her visa.

She asserted she was booked to go to South Africa for work and endeavored to facilitate her visit, however the consulate kept her from doing as such by taking her visa.

Toke just needs it back now that the work she should go for has finished.

Recently, the media big name uncovered on Twitter that she actually fears her mom.

The media star uncovered that her mom paid her an unforeseen visit, and she wound up hustling to shower around to dispose of the scent of “pot” that her companions smoked while they were at her home.

“You’ll be covering your own bills and be your big age yet the feeling of dread toward your folks is still genuine,” she composed.

You are never excessively old to fear your African mother, explain to me why in my 37 years old, my mom makes an appearance to my home unannounced and I’m splashing wherever cos I had visitors over and some smoked some pot. on the off chance that she gets a whiff of it, I may not be alive to significance you all o.

You’ll be covering your own bills and be in your big age yet the anxiety toward your folks is still genuine

Bruhhhh, I’m like imagine a scenario in which I had an exceptional somebody that remained over… You can’t simply awaken and appear at my home Mother