Tracie Thoms Was Rumored To Be Dating Rosario Dawson

Tracie Thoms rose to noticeable quality in Hollywood subsequent to featuring in the 2005 film Rent. She depicted Joanne Jefferson with Rosario Dawson’s Mimi Marquez. They became brilliant companions while cooperating and have kept up with their bond even after so long.

They are very close, which has some undeniably strong inclinations about her dating life. There have been various bits of gossip that they dated and that Thoms is a lesbian or sexually open entertainer. However, is any of it right?

Was Tracie Thoms at any point have a relationship with Rosario Dawson? From the outset, the hypotheses with respect to Thoms and Dawson’s conceivable association were gentle. Be that as it may, when an apparently private photo of the two surfaced in 2007, all damnation broke out.

Everybody started to accept they were a real couple. On May 22, 2007, Rosario and Thoms went to the 60th Cannes Film Festival. At the point when they witnessed another at the occasion, they invited and kissed. The kiss was expected to be on the cheeks. Notwithstanding, an unfortunate camera viewpoint brought about a picture that appears to show them going to kiss on the lips.

In an October 2011 discussion with Chattify, Thoms said, “Rosario was kissing me on the cheek, and I was making a kissy face, so the photographic artist was in the best position. Nonetheless, the point from which the photographic artist took it appears to show us kissing on the lips.”

She was additionally worried about how she was seen in the media once the photograph circulated around the web. “They don’t say regardless of whether I’m gay. They are uninterested about my sexual direction “She said. She then stressed that she was straight and chastised the media for making a major ordeal out of a confounded picture while never knowing reality.

Thoms basically denied truly dating Dawson with this assertion. Notwithstanding, not at all like the photograph, the meeting never became famous online, many individuals actually accept she had an adoration relationship with Dawson.

Her gay doubts wait because of her exhibitions in movies and TV. She is known to frequently depict lesbian jobs, which might add to the misreading over her sexuality. Thoms, then again, appreciates depicting such characters. All things being equal, she’s satisfied with herself.

Is Tracie Thoms hitched? Thoms isn’t hitched, as per what can be tracked down on the web. Except if she is hiding something truly significant, nobody realizes she has a companion. However, she has had a couple of sweethearts over time. However, nothing standard. The main beaus she has referenced are those she had previously.

During a similar Chattify interview, she described her most horrendously terrible date with a potential sweetheart. It was their subsequent date, and it was a catastrophe because of the person’s demeanor.

She needed to pay for the dinner (as well as his taxi trip home) since he had paid for the primary date and felt he had “done his part.” Thoms put stock in equity, however he went excessively far. Tami Roman uncovered one more accomplice in a conversation in May 2021. This was back when she was as yet an understudy at Howard University looking for a four year college education in Fine Arts.

Her accomplice was a business understudy, and he had a few firms bothering him to work for them. He got an enormous number of dramatic tickets, outstandingly those for Rent, which was an extraordinary hit in 1997 and 1998.

So they went to see Rent together, and she became genuinely associated with the play. That was the start of her relationship with Rent, which in the end prompted her being projected in the film.