Tushar Atre Murder – “48 Hours on ID” Premiered The Brutal Case


Tushar Atre murder case was portrayed in the new series of 48 Hours on ID. Who Shot the Tech Executive?, the season 18 debut of the grasping genuine wrongdoing series 48 Hours on ID, analyzed the alarming 2019 hijacking and murder instance of 50-year-old Tushar Atre. Examination Disclosure broadcast the program on January 9, 2023, at 10:00 pm ET.

Tushar Atre, an effective tech chief who later turned into a pot business visionary, was found shot and wounded on his weed ranch in the St Nick Cruz mountains.


Tracy Smith investigates his capturing and murder and follows the path that prompted four suspects, as indicated by the authority 48 Hours rundown given by ID.

Enthusiasts of the show have been restless to find all that there is to be aware of the thought kills since 48 Hours on ID declared the episode, Who Shot the Tech Executive.

The examination concerning Tushar Atre’s homicide will be promoted in the accompanying 48 Hours episode.

Police examination thought four suspects Four individuals are viewed as the great suspects in the hijacking and murder of financial specialist and innovation chief Tushar Atre, 50.

The four guys are Kurtis Sanctions, Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Joshua Camps, and Kaleb Contracts.

Stephen is 24 years of age, Kaleb is 21, Kurtis is 23, and Joshua is 25 years of age right now. Kaleb and Stephen supposedly worked for Tushar Atre.

For very nearly fourteen days, they toiled at his marijuana business office on Soquel San Jose Street in St Nick Cruz.

The two supposedly experienced issues when they purportedly lost Atre’s auto keys during this concise period.

The 50-year-old money manager then arranged the two laborers to perform push-ups as retaliation for their mistake and halted their installments.

Atre was subsequently kidnapped from his rich ocean side house in St Nick Cruz on October 1, 2019, just to be found dead that very day at around 9 am.

Three gatecrashers were seen on camera burglarizing Atre and getting away from in his sweetheart’s BMD SUV.

As the wrongdoing was being examined, the critical suspects were named as Kaleb Sanctions, Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Kurtis Contracts, and Joshua Camps.

Where could the four killers currently be? The four guys are as of now being held as murder suspects in the St Nick Cruz Province Prison on Water Road.

They endeavored to get bail, however an appointed authority in St Nick Cruz dismissed their solicitation. They are each having to deal with seven counts of penalties, including snatching to carry out extra wrongdoings, murder, first-degree theft, first-degree thievery, second-degree burglary, and carjacking. They didn’t, notwithstanding, enter a liable supplication.

By and by every one of the four affirmed suspects are anticipating preliminary.

As per reports, whenever saw as blameworthy, they would be condemned to life in jail, conceivably without the chance of parole.