Tutuba Mogaba Aka Garcia Perez Scammer YouTube Mugabe 400 Years In Prison


Garcia Perez, also called Tutuba Mogaba, was condemned to 456 years in jail in the wake of confessing to 114 counts of securing cash through duplicity.

Tutuba was one of three individuals blamed by MOCA authorities in 2017 for scheme to dupe and obtain cash by dishonesty.


Circle News has additionally observed that Perez is thought to be a similar person who took above and beyond $9 million from people in 2003 assuming some pretense of giving autos on recruit to a $70,000 handling charge.

The trickster supposedly maintained his business from a location on Kingston’s Old Hope Road. A few claims were made to the police when individuals of different callings, including specialists, lawyers, and even faculty of the Jamaica Defense Force, detailed not accepting their autos subsequent to making installments, and a request was started therefore.

Perez endeavored to run away from the area however was captured and detained. Who Is Tutuba Mogaba Aka Garcia Perez Scammer? Tutuba Mogaba, who is otherwise called the Garcia Perez Scammer, is a man who was condemned to 400 years in jail for a telemarketing trick.

On May 16, 2019, Tutuba Mogaba remained before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court and was condemned to 456 years in jail for acquiring cash by means of trickery.

His co-blames, Nashony Barrow and Daina-Marie Dennis showed up in area court too however were delivered after the adjudicator tracked down no proof against them.

Tutuba Mogaba, who conceded to 114 charges of acquiring cash through trickery, will currently use whatever might remain of his life in jail.

Look into How Tutuba Mogaba Got 400 Years In Prison There is an exceptionally interesting situation where the individual is condemned for in excess that could only be described as epic however a trickster most popular as Garcia Perez figured out how to get himself to 400 years in jail.

Many individuals might be considering the way that this occurred, however Garcia was not accused of a couple of charges; he was accused of an aggregate of 114 charges, which prompted the huge jail time.

Perez, who is presently imprisoned for indistinguishable activities, was condemned to four years in jail on each count. He should finish this term after his ongoing sentence is finished.

The amount Money Was Involved In The Scam Numerous activities at MOCA’s base camp prompted the seizure of a few engine vehicles as well as a great many US and Jamaican dollars, as per MOCA.

Also, as per MOCA information, more than $13 million was taken from unconscious individuals. As per MOCA, every one of the three people were charged in April 2018 because of examinations concerning the activities of PFC. “This organization professed to import automobiles as a trade-off for a $85,000.00-$100,000 up front installment till the vehicle showed up.”