Twene Jonas gets Facebook and Instagram Verified Badge for His Profiles

Twene Jonas otherwise known as Glass Nkoaa, the social reporter has got his Facebook page and Instagram Handle checked now as located by with a blue identification which shows that Facebook has affirmed that the Page or profile is the true presence of the person of note or worldwide brand it addresses.

His famous Facebook page with the name Twene Jonas television with over 353K Supporters was the page that was confirmed by Facebook.

On Instagram, his record with the name twenejonas with 47.6K supporters was likewise checked making his profile stand apart among counterfeit profile made in his name.

Twene Jonas is Ghanaian living in the US of America (USA) in New York city, labels himself just like an expert film creation and President of Illustrious Jonas Movies.

Clearly, the Jonas began his recordings in any event, when he was in Ghana quite a while back prior to migrating to the US. The energy he utilized in shooting the forerunners in his old recordings were considerably more than whatever he does in his ongoing recordings.

Some Twene Jonas recordings traces all the way back to the time youthful Ghanaian female artist Midnight Reigns died in a mishap.

At that point, Twene was not famous and his recordings didn’t drift like it is doing today.